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best control of type-2 by 3point

1-by geting limited food inbreaking part with rich sources of multivitamin and amino acid loke soya grain which is rich of amino acids which is essintial for making of insulin

2-exercise by using word regular at min.260days

3-taking required medicine may be insulin stimulant or fat bloker but sugar level should be below-180 after meal

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i am also diabetic but having good control from last 6 yaer any body can quistion for any thing


180 is the general threshold limit for kidneys to remove sugar from blood and expel the same in urine.


You are not sick-You are thirsty. This is a statement of Dr Batmangheldij, M.D.--student of Dr Alexander Flemming--who discovered penicilin.

Pls read his book--Body's many cries for Water--order through Flipkart--it costs around Rs 700/- After you read the book--your outlook will change


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