pomegrante juice or seeds

I tried pomegranate fresh juice one cup daily in morning empty stomach for two months my Hb increased from 13.5 in dec to 17.5 in march and cholesterol decreased from 271 in dec to 238 in march but upon stopping Hb decreased to 16.7 in august but cholesterol increased back to 271 in aug. I tried seeds in warm water but owing to being very very sour I could not drink so i will try lesser sour seeds next time.

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  • A1C 13.5?

    Why are you not bringing it down? These are dangerous levels.

  • no, no not HbA1c it is only Hb-heamoglobin that has increased which is good.my HbA1c is 5.6 it is my cholesterol that is troubling me.

  • Oh ok. sorry for misreading.

  • Mere total cholesterol is useless for determining CVD/CHD. More important is LDL particle no; apo B, apo B /apo A-1 ratio, triglycerides, triglyceride/HDL ratio, hs crp.

  • Your experience,so nothing to comment.

  • Chakreshjain: This pomegranate seed theory may have been initiated about ten years ago, by an unsuccessful homeopathic practitioner who operates from a lower end suburb of Karachi Pakistan!

  • other detail are total cholesterol-271; hdl-46; ldl-172; triglycerides-269; tc/hdl ratio-5.9; ldl/hdl-3.8; vldl-53.8

    any suggestions please

  • TG too high. Are you eating lot of Carbohydrates and covering them up with drugs? To me it seems so! High TG is one of indications of IR and it's bad for heart, no matter how much you walk.


    Switching to LCHF diet is the best ay to control TG, which will fall like a rock.

    Other option (if one only lives by ADA diet) of course would be try eating 10 times a day with no more than 200kcal in single sitting. Reasons for eating 10 times a day is to reduce the delta between energy produced and energy consumed on an ongoing basis. This is also why so called diabetic EXPERTS want you to eat 6-8 times a day as a diabetic.

  • I am not on any drugs except BP drugs . during these two months I took Metolar-SR50 for high BP 200/110, which helped me fully control BP to140/70 plus amlodipine-5mg plus but for last month I have stopped Metolar and amlodipine and on ayurvedic Muktavati-2tablets BD and now BP is still 140/80 and feel better. I feel Metolar has done the damage to cholesterol levels. Further I am on no onion no garlic jain food /2 rotisx3 meals and minimal of carbs.

    thanks Medfree for links carbs are primary causes and 9 part on cholesterol for better understanding.

  • Triglycerides and TG/HDL (5.85) ratio both are high. With LDL 172 apo B levels could be possibly high. You need to check apo B, apo A-1 and lp(a).

  • Wonder if vinegar gives similar or better outcome?

  • Any experiential outcomes for use of garlic and ginger on LDL reduction?

  • 10 part series on LIPIDS from Dr Peter Attia:


  • One of the best articles which explains about cholesterol and lipids.

    The site lecturepad.org/ recommended by him is also very informative.

  • Bookmarked it :)

    The new guidelines on SELLING MORE STATINS basically does away with TG, ratios etc. WTF:


  • I am diabetic for last 22 years.I am on Low carb diet plus some medicines.( reclimet500 twice and galvus 50 once....my two days back A1c is 6.5%..in last 4 years quarterly A1c is 6.5 to 7.2 max.... My Lipid levels and BP, used to be high.chol-250,TG-240... BP-140/90... I take tab olmezest-10 mg ,once in morning,which has kept my BP at 110/75 ,almost constant for last 3 years...

    For lipids, i take Tab Rosawel F. ,once. ( plus i take one teaspoon of roasted Flaxseeds, 3-4 times a day)...this has brought down my lipid levels...chol-107,LDL-44,.HDL-39,TG-119......

    Flax seeds worth trying.

  • Too much low levels are not good. TG levels is still slightly high.

    More information is on link provided in following post


    The effect is mainly caused by Rosawel F.

    Hba1c of 6.5 is high level.

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