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Can anybody think of a vaccine for Diabetics? There could be something Hidden somewhere out in the Jungles !!!

There is some antedot available, where people are running,herbal treatment, which is one time, somewhere in UP. One of my company man got diabetis, and he got a cure from this place and he send two other people, who too got the treatment and they are okay now!

One of my friend suggested 2 special treatment. One is Bile Gland of chicken (Country) , Second is Dhania plant to be made in to juice and swallow for 1 week and test the blood. Of -cource I have not tried, but somebody can do some research on this..


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Diabetes is not caused by any bacteria or virus. It is not one disease. It is a group of diseases. Sorry, no vaccine is possible. -Dr. Jay Pittman


Hi ,

When WHO is serious about the desease , and scientists are more keen to invent some thing beneficial for human being , in that stage , taking use of bile gland of chicken , when is not widely accepted , may cause some bad or worst reparcation . Hence my request to you all , do not do any thing by hearing from any body who is not expert and never allow your body for an open laboratory.

As you know diabatic is a symptom , which invites other deseases , if you have no good control over the same. Hence make effort to consider on your diet , exercise and medication , with due consult of your Doctor , treating you and you are closely under his supervision .

However , there are lot of medications available now a days. Hence why on uncertainity.

Karan ( Pravakar)


As for as I know ,there is no cure for diabetes, there is only treatments by diet control, exercises and oral tablets or in extreeme casaes insulin by injection.

The following recipe helps in controlling diabeties.Mix by equal volumes 1.Amla powder 2.Methi powder 3.Dhania powder 4. Haldi powder. and take one tea spoon level just after breakfast,Lunch and dinner. Get you fasting and Postperedial tests before and after taking it for at least 3 days and then see the decrease in there values and adjust diet by reducing its calorific value so that by observing test results after one week you can increase tor decrease the dosage of above mix.

For diet control you can assume one medium size roti as one unit, one serve of dal as one unit one serve of sabzi one unit, one seve of curd as half unit ,one serve of salad as half unit, one toast with light butter one unit, half apple as one unit one cup of milk as one unit, one cup of cornflake or dallia etc as 0ne unit .One serve is approximateltly one cup full of dal or sabzi etc, Take three meals a day and diet should be kept from 4 to six units only is your diabetiesThis will depend how high is your diabeties At no time it should be allowed to fall below 75 or rise above 170. If it is not controlled by thi method ou have to take oral medicine after consulting doctor.

This is for diebeties type two only for type one only solution is taking insulin by injection as per doctors advise



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