Long Wheat (Khapli Gehun) - Interesting information

The Bohri Muslims are famous for their rich and varied food. Pune is having a very large number of Bohris and they are very friendly. Their Khichda is so tasty. What do they use - Khapli Gehun. I am sure Hyderabad also will have plenty as besides Dr, Shooter George patients there is a regular market. Pls check, as some use pearlized (polished) wheat for Khichda. We need with the husk as all goodness is in the fiber. In Pune City Vithal Gangaram, Kasturi Chowk, Near Ranka Jewellers, Ganesh peth is a regular stockist- His tel nos are 020 26386428/26. He sells for Rs60/kg and will grind on order- flour @ Rs 65/kg. He is unable to do home delivery and pick up must be there. I located the number today so did not share earlier.

I have got the atta from earlier supplier but not yet tried the roti/paratha yet as I was enjoying the Khichda.

I will share one more info with you. I had been making khichda time to time and buying the LW unwittingly (adding some pearlized Barley) and used to enjoy it. So my recipe for LW mash was very much like the Khichda and it comes like magic.


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  • Thank you so much for sharing, Sir. Sanjay Shah doesn't seem to be interested in sending me the wheat. I'll call Vithal Gangaram and see if he can be kind enough to send me the wheat.

  • I called Vithal Ganga Ram just now and he agreed to send me the wheat by Monday through transport 20 Kgs wheat will cost 1200 Rs + 100 Rs Transport expense. Not a bad bargain when I will be getting it at my door step. Happy. God bless you Mr Anil gupta - anilgupta 101

  • That is the best bargain for Rs.60/- per Kg you could get. Even I telephoned him but he point blank refused to send it to Nasik. Do not know what enmity he has with this place Today I went hunting for the khapli wheat almost all over the town, but none had it. They were showing me the Lokwan wheat saying that was the long wheat. It was good I had an experience with it before and knew how to differentiate otherwise they would have very conveniently taken me for a ride. I even went to a Muslim dominated area and asked them about the Khichda wheat but they showed me the broken wheat. Now I do not know what to do, whether to switch to our Medfree's LCHF ? I wish you a Happy eating Naqsh.

  • how about a de-tour to pune pick up stuff for 3 months. Health is worth it :-) Did you tell him you'll bear transport expense. Actually Bom-Pune is easier for transport. How about you go to tours and travels who regularly travel to Pune. Ask them if they will bring the stuff. You can ask this ganga ram to parcel it to Tours and travels pickup joint. Work on it there is always a solution,best of luck :-)

  • Thank you Naqsh, I should try for an arrangement somehow and not give up. You know I am disappointed today after the town tour here.

  • :-) good luck

  • They use LW t make lapsi ( dalia). Some unscrupulous gys use reg wheat to cut cost but that is Dalia. Lapsi should be from LW. You check Reliance Store in yr area and since u r smart u will know if it is LW.Till i spread Shooter George msg around and make it easy to source even i Darjeeling I will not rest. Forget Aam, go for Khaas (or Khapli). By trhe way Maharshtra is ne of the major producers, wait few days, it will be in every city. Hindus use it for lapsi (breakfast) Muslims for Khichda, we are getting more info. Some Marathi traders call it Jaada Gehun. Peace use this name for search in Nasik.

  • Pls wait few days and market will flood with new crop. I sent a long msg pls read it. We will solve all problems. By the way LW also helps weight reduction. Did u check the Lapsi pack in Reliance?

  • Can you pls email the address to me even I would like orer 20 kgss

  • This guy is a young guy, not Sir Sanjay Shah. At most you can call him Shri Sanjay Shah, I just call him Sanjay.

  • I am sure there are plenty of muslims in Nashik. Go to there Mohalla and find a kirana shop. Ask them Khapli Gehun used for Khichda. pls reconfirm and take with bran. I have done this study so in every city my brothers and sisters can have an easier life. LW sourcing is no rocket Science now.

  • Thanks for sharing the information. Apart from the address, it also opens up many avenues for exploring.


  • Dear Anilguptaji, thank you for your information on wheat. It really helps . I break it in mixe and prepare upma a south indian dish. K.rangaswamy

  • Please let me know improvement in your blood sugar levels.

  • Please share recipe for khapoli begun khichda

  • You will have to go to Khapoli which is on the way to Mumbai when you go from Pune on the Expressway.

  • Respected Anilgupta sir, Just now I have contacted Mr. Vithal Gangaram shop in Pune about Khichda, the wheet you have mentioned. He told it may not available in hyderabad.

  • Swamyonline is from hyderabad and he is getting Long wheat in Hyderabad. you may search his profile and ask him the address.

  • thanks, i am in touch with him. I get mine in pune, np.

  • Khichda is a dish made in Hyderabad, another variant is Haleem. You get it in most Muslim areas. Lon Wheat is known as Khapli Gehun in Hindi Marathi. It is rather long. You are askiing a Pune Merchant if you can get the product he sells in Hyderabad. May be liked yr style and wanted to see yr face. Take a train or bus and come over - you are welcome. If you still wish to buy locally try in an local Kirana shop in Afzal ganj or Char Minar Area , go where there is a nice mosque, there has to be a Kiraana shop selling foods which Muslims like. I am glad ur taking initiative wrt yr health. I will help. Ask sellers of Haleem. Locate and tell us how u got it and what rate, u will enjoy.

  • I shall be waiting for recipes, kheer of khapli wheat is also delicious.

  • A lovely lady could do a better job and create her own blog. I am more like an ideator and loses interest after conceptualization. Right now I am working on regeneration of Beta cells. I have grown many insulin plants and started with an old lady who was on insulin injections and her husband cursing her for extra cost every day.

  • May I have details of these insulin plants, Thank u!

  • pls google search first.

  • Have you used this long wheat regularly? If yes, is there improvement in your blood sugar levels? Can you please give details?



  • Shooter George is the authority, we - his students.

  • Yessssssssss........

  • Hi Mr.Anil Gupta,

    Thanks for sharing this information. It would be more helpful if you share the recipe of Long Wheat Kichda. How do you get it prepared and what supplemental curries you eat along with it.

    For others who want address for buying Long Wheat (Kapli Gehun) in Hyderabad, I am once again posting the address of the merchant here.



    Shre Laxmi Kirana General Store, Siddiamber Bazar, Mehabooba Gunj (Near Afzal Gunj), Hyderabad.

    Phone: 9989005957/9246566301/04064555286.


    I have personally talked to the proprietor of that shop to provide clean and high quality Long Wheat. And he also mentioned many people are coming to him from other states to purchase Long Wheat after I posted his address on Internet.


  • Rate he is charging you? Is it new or old crop? Where is it grown? What r contact details of Shree Bhagwati Traders? Thanks

  • Now he is charging around Rs. 45/kg to 50/kg. Now he is having old crop grain, the new one will enter market after April and it is from areas around Nagpur in Maharastra, he is saying. Some other Kirana stores are also selling Long Wheat in the same street @ Rs. 60/ kg. The contact details: I have already mentioned his address along with phone number.

    Once again I am asking, will you please share 'Long Wheat Kichda' recipe?



  • I am working on a Blog to save time and make it more friendly. It will not be right to keep you and some others waiting. So here it is. (a) Soak 100gm LW, 50 gr pearlized barley overnight. (b) Soak separately 3/4 tbsp, tuar dal, moong dal red masoor dal, chana dal, urad dal in the morning. (c) Cut Brinjal, potato ( very small), string beans (few). (d) About 250gm mutton or beef with bones. Meat should be chopped small pcs. (f) Chopped tomatoes You will also need Ginger paste, garlic paste, mutton massala. (g ) chopped onion 1 cup, (h) mint leaves, Ginger Juliennes, lime, deep fried onions, chopped coriander

    Marinade the meat in ginger garlic paste, some mustard oil, salt, haldi, chilli powder, vinegar - overnight

    Take 30 ml coconut oil heat. Add marinated meat, mutton masaala, stir for few min. Add chopped onions and salt till onions sweat. Add tomatoes stir till tom are soft. Add(a) (b) (c) with enough water (about 5-6 cups) and pr cook for 3 whistles - simmer after the first whistle, cook entirely on low heat if u have time.

    Open and check, meat should be very tender and so should be the wheat and barley. Taste- add salt if needed.

    Take out the bones and use blender to make it all semi solid- do not blend excessively. Add the bones, and the chopped mint leaves, ginger and heat for few min. Serve hot with Ginger Juliennes, Coriander, squeezed lime juice, chaat masaala sprinkled on it liberally and a tbs coconut oil ( extra virgin better, not compulsory). Eat with dry roasted papad and Chaas. Don't go to sleep ot yr sugar will go u. So eat less, keep stomach 1/2 empty. Take light walk for 25 min . Do not drink water for an hour and half till all meat is digested. Yr sugar will be down and so will be yr triglycerides. Get married soon if u are a bachelor as this food is naughty.

  • Thanks for sharing, I will try it with chicken pieces instead of mutton.

  • use of chicken wings with skin will give you better results. Do not worry if your carbs <100, chicken fat is also good for you. Always use variation to get balanced fatty acid profile. There is nothing like best food after mother's milk till one is 6 months. Lord alimghty made a variation so you could have variety. Use local food and seasonal food- this is as per Ayurveda.do not repeat a recipe at least for 6 months. Your system will bless you. I never repeat my recipe again and i have to give names myself as they are mostly first time jobs.

    My kids keep begging me to repeat Aloo Begumpet but i never feel like repeating it. Too boring. Pls wait for my blog, no more now.

    Breakfast was a Daibetic LW shrimp frankie. It brought BS down to give me hypoglycemia.

  • Blog with diabetic recipes? Please do that and try to provide as many recipes as possible. Ya, even I tried few frankies of Long Wheat with chicken/ paneer tickies, thick sauce of curd and dhaniya pattha, spinach and cabbage with Long Wheat mildly fried in olive oil. They were awesome and I also observed very low sugar values with this type of break fast.

  • tell something abt yrself - here or in individual msg if u are shy. By the way what are u planning to have today? There are many brilliant ladies around, they seem to be laughing and mocking us secretly. Unless they participate and the process is interactive why? Right now I am busy fighting AAP as I am a donor and volunteer but see them doing nothing for Diabetics. Why not Sugar free cakes/Sweets/cookies for Aam diabetic at low cost at bus stands, railway stations, Mohalla Nukkads and through e business?. After corruption is removed will we be going to live on Karela- Roti and become a nation of Johny Walkers as walking is good for health?

  • There is a guy with meticulous credentials put up by AAP, Pune, Subhash Ware. I listened to medfree as he is from IIT and looked for an alternative. Congress is putting up Shri Shri Shri Kalmaaaadi. I think he deserves to sit in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Lok Sabha is too small after his visit to Switzerland to train the trainers there. BJP have still not been able to decide and I am told they are Decisive. A Friend of mine said they are devisive and i had a fight with him for not knowing his spellings. Peace, the priest who taught me said i should follow my conscience. Why am I so confused today

  • There is a lovely and very rich Sindhi lady staying in flat opposite mine. She greets me with her lovely smile as she holds the leash of her dog. There is an old watchman who is hungry, wearing an old shirt. I have only one bun- should i give it to the dog because I am enchanted by the owner or to the old honest guy who is poor? BJP should select good guys. We IITians were brought up on meritocracy in my time and my seniors taught me to support the better person. I always hv choice of Mr. Ajit Pawar who filled the dams of Pune through his abundant intervention. Do you know why Diabetes is more in Pune?

  • By this logic Rahul is best. Also he is Harvard and Cambridge educated.

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  • one time you say CIA, one time you say Naxalite. Can I know you more? What is yr name and which city are you from. I am really fascinated. Can you also tell us how much money CIA sends to Naxalites and how r they connected.

  • Dear Medfree, I have recd request from some friends on this channel not to respond to any posts political in nature so the sanctity of this forum is maintained and people of all faiths and beliefs can each other's support and share experience. I have learnt a lot from you and you have contributed to my improved quality of life. I thank you for this. You are a good person.

  • I am not an Aap supporter. I am a Voter and will vote for the best candidate. I never said ONLY Long wheat. I find LW is very helpful when had for b/f and dinner as advised by Shooter George. But was using only a few drops of fat which made me hungry very fast. Your theory encouraged me to try restricting the carbs to 100g and increasing fat/cheese which made the food more interesting. I learnt this from you and am thankful to you. I will revert and keep asking you. We need to make up Buddy.

  • Peace pls do not disturb yr self. If I prachaarak with uncontrolled diabetes goes to the loo, the followers call it nectar and mock the poor young guy for not being able to duplicate. AAP is young, New Cong is young, MNS aand TMC are all young. Papa Advani is still young and Modi a small boy. BJP is out of date. They need Lots of Kahpli Gehun for b/F, lunch and dinner, no fat- only modinectar.

  • You need not be confused. Conscience is the best teacher. It weighs the intentions of our heart and attitudes of our mind.

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  • is Arya Samaj included?

  • what is yr opinion on Swami Agbivesh?

  • what are yr views on John Dayal

  • and she hates AAP like you. Both of you have so much in common. What is yr name and city? Which field of Engg, which IIT and which year? I can learn much more from you. Are you related to John Dayal?

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  • So does my conscience say so.

  • Which state r u from?

  • yes my friend. Which city now? what is yr full name? Which field of Engg and which IIT.

  • Are yr pants still dry?

  • I am 34yrs old male, from Hyderabad. High sugar values got detected 5 months back with FBS:300+, PLBS:425+ and HbA1C: 12.8. Now I am on 1 and half of metasens-500 tablet gradually decreasing it from high dosage of medicines. Started LWMD after 1 and half month of diabetes detection. Now my sugar values are around: FBS:85-95, PLBS:135-150 and HbA1C: 6.2. PLBS measured after lunch not break fast. After break fast (LWMD) I get sugar values around 115-120.

    Yesterday, I took green tea 3 times and ate only fruits for dinner (2 small oranges, 3 slices of musk-melon, 1 yellow apple, 2 slices of ripen papaya and panchaamrith). Today its full lunch with chicken curry (made with fresh raw coconut and mustard oil - was yummy) and thick raitha (400gm yogurt, small green cucumber, 2 green chillies, 1 small tomato, half raw onion, full of green coriander leaves, few drops of extra-virgin olive oil, seasoning with black pepper + salt + fried jeera + mildly fried curry leaves and a slight sprinkle of apple cider vinegar) and with basmati rice. Basmati rice is giving low sugar values compared to normal rice.

    I, my self prepared lunch :) as wife was very busy sleeping because of her Shivraathri Jaagaran. Let us not be shy to share recipes here, hope the ladies also join your upcoming blog with recipes.

  • Dear Swamy, 17 yrs ago when my Diabetes was detected fasting was 450. I was 45 then. Mild dose of metformin brings it under control. It is good that u detected early and started LWMD early. The reason for spectacular success is yr age and higher metabolism rate. Those who have it since long and abused their bodies since material success made them over confident need greater penance and patience. I am also taking LWMD and also limit my carbs to max100gm. From 470 i came down to 170-200. When myBS touches 170-180 i get headache and feeling of migraine as normal guy would get when he/she is hypoglycemic. If BS has been high for long it is very tough to get it back but it will. The Ladies are not coming forward with their ideas except Peace7. When the ladies take over we wil be drowned. Sharing of recipes is nice. Tell me what u eat tomorrow. I will be having LWMash with cauliflower and ashgourd stew in light coconut oil with raw radish and cucumer as LWM and chana masaala at lunch is still keeping me full.

    Do not eat until u are very hungry, so says Baba Ramdev.

  • Do not worry, we won't drown you, we will support you.

  • Tomorrow I will be taking LWMD with yogurt and 2-eggs omelette sprinkled with flax seed powder and capsicum-cabbage fry.

  • Good idea, I am with you for recipes on the blog.

  • I remember how desperate you were when you entered the forum. You have managed to control your sugar very fast. All praises to the LWMR and of course to Mr. George for his patient endurance. Now people are catching up with this regime.

  • More coconut fat, Extra virgin raw added on top of the Khichda, coconut oil for cooking most food, Extra Virgin Olive oil for eggs, sesame oil for dry veggies, rice bran/mustard for bhajia, some butter and some ghee, cheese, paneer. And nuts. Deprivation of all fat used to keep me hungry all time, now my hunger is satiated. Khapli gehun and the fat keep stomach full for long

  • I am slowly beginning to accept the coconut oil. Welcome into our camp Medfree.

  • Samba Wheat Or Emmer Wheat sells @ 3 times the price of regular wheat. Anything expensive has a snob value to say the least. Also we should leave regular Lokwan wheat for the Aam Aadmi. The ration wheat is now being sold by maids to the emplyers at a small profit so we can feed our birds cheap. If she signs an agreement I will also buy a couple of goats and some chicken which i plan to house in my garage. When Mulayam becomes PM, only cycles and red topis.

  • Your sugar is already in control. You do the Salsa to celebrate.

  • Thank you for bridging the gap between khapli gehu (LWMR) and fats (LCHF).

  • Hi Peace7,

    Your comment:

    "I remember how desperate you were when you entered the forum. You have managed to control your sugar very fast. All praises to the LWMR and of course to Mr. George for his patient endurance."

    Is it for me Peace7? If it is not for me, but it is the same case with me too. I also was desperate to control my diabetes. And after starting LWMD, I am not at all forced to worry about my hungriness. Many thanks to Mr.George and other members of this forum.


  • Yes Swamy, the message was directed to you alone that is why it came right into your mailbox. I am glad it did good to you and let us all fight this war with diabetes and rise victorious, we will not give up.

  • Now I feel like calling you Chef Sir Anil Gupta. Hats off to you !!!

  • My kids grew up thinking that i used to work as a chef near the IIT to pay for my IIT fees. From very small age they learnt the value of money and earning it through honest sweat. When they grew up they found that I was actually a spoilt brat but it was too late. Their values were already formed.

  • By the way, as per Baba Ramdev grains should not be eaten from fresh harvest, it should age at least 3 months or more before u use. One of my grannies had a sensitive stomach, by eating chappatis she could tell next day if it was from fresh wheat in the farm.She used to ask the farm help to preserve old stock and use it till new one aged.

  • When you guys buy pls find where they get the grain from. We will try to consolidate everything for those who tune in late.

  • Could you send tghe recipe for making kitchada from long wheat to me. at my e mail id narasimhan2003@gmail.com, along with detailos of howit has helped in normalising your blood sugar level?


  • I am working on a blog on the same.

  • pls see the post above. thank you.

  • great, so was mine, I always used long wheat as khichda with all spices except oil :-) there are many bohras in Bombay too, even otherwise almost all Muslims all over Bombay make khichda its all about solid consistence that it can be called haleem or hareesa too with addition of some pulses.But I have checked in Bombay they usually stock broken wheat made from regular wheat (dalia) and not Long wheat.I will check again.

  • Although the regular khichda /haleem/ hareesa with some variant in the ingredients and solid consistency is rich fare. I have devised mine on easier ground. I have been taking same for dinner for more than a month and yes it helped my sugar levels big time. I take Long wheat floor chapatis for lunch and soak wheat+mung sprout them(only mung gets sprouted while wheat just softens) grind them with chilly green leaf or cabbage, zeera(cumin seeds) hing,pinch of salt and some ginger. Make the consistence of dosa dough and have 2 dosa with ground flax seed (add some garlic clove and 1 chilly) mixed with curd.

    Coming to KHICHDA :

    soak 1 cup long wheat in 2 cups water for 4-5 hours. Pressure cook them in same water by adding 2 more cups.pressure for 15-20 mts on slow flame. Once the wheat is tender let it cool and grind slightly to coarse consistence(do not grind much, just 10 sec is enough). In a pan add 1tsp oil (you can avoid if you want, I do). Transfer the grind LW in the thick bottomed vessel or pan. Add cooked mutton or chicken pieces ( I add half a cup chicken cooked tender pieces ) Add ginger garlic paste red chilies, 1/2 tsp dhaiya powder,1/tsp ground garam masala (cardamom+cinnamon+clove+black cumin(shahzeera) ) let it cook for 5 mts add water to the consistency you like. lower the flame add generous amount of coriander and mint leaves and 2 tsp of lemon juice(more or as per your liking for sourness). let it simmer for a minute. transfer in bowl/plate and relish hot :-) yum yum

    It is very simple to follow. I do not add any pulses or any other grain as they do traditionally as I want to reap benefits of Long wheat.

    the same grinded coarse long wheat I sometimes take for breakfast adding milk and sugar free.

    Its tasty dish and one does not feel one is on some diet regimen. Hope it helps.

  • I am now hungering to prepare the dosas and the two variants of khichda (named them N-Khichda & AG-Khichda), unfortunately its sad that no LW is in sight.

  • AG has switched to N khhichda. I am now working on LW lapsi with the vitamins and minerals retained in packs of 250 gm and 1 kg, LW semolina to make dosas and upma. I am also working on making it available Pan India in Supermarkets. I will arrange to send complimentary packs to all my friends here.

  • I suppose I'm included in your list too. So I shall wait patiently till then.

  • Let new crop comes. I will be coming to Nashik as a wine tourist. Will hand deliver yr present. Since Naqsh has asked Allah to bless me, also for her (Mumbai). I have not forgotten Shooter George - the Guru. I will not send courier. I will touch his feet and personally deliver in Kerala wherever he is. You guys have given me a new life. Pleasure is all mine.

  • Thanks so much for your kind consideration,

  • He loves fat. I am arranging Lard for him.

  • Lard gives the Dog's fur a shiny gloss. Dogs love Lard.

  • I was watching Raj Thakarey caressing his dog. Is he also an anarchist in yr opinion? I think the best way to chill is to play with yr dogs. You seem to be rabid. Did they give u yr yearly injection?

  • who invited you? or did u sniff the lard and thot it was for u?

  • Refugee from Jamshedpur u mean? A troubled childhood does not give anyone a right to hatepeople with other beliefs. I like Rajnath Singh, he is apologising everyday. Follow him. I did not even invite you. I do not like strays, only pedigreeds. Why did u enter this thread? By the way are u related to Anup?

  • Is Lard part of yr LCHF diet?

  • After reading this I will do dandvat namashkar to you and seek blessings :-)

  • My dog has been diagnosed diabetes. I need to give him LCHF diet as I read a lot about it. Pls ask yr granny if Castor oil can be given to Dogs.

  • :-)

  • I called Vithal Ganga Ram just now and he agreed to send me the wheat by Monday through transport 20 Kgs wheat will cost 1200 Rs + 100 Rs Transport expense. Not a bad bargain when I will be getting it at my door step. Happy. God bless you Mr Anil gupta - anilgupta 101

  • Is transportation cost of Rs.100 from Pune to any city ? Method of payment - to pay or advance.

  • Well thats the transportation cost for Bombay from Pune. He actually said 50-60Rs. Why don't you call him and confirm for your city.He will send the grains with receipt and we will have to deposit the money in his account no.

  • Peace7 did you note this?

  • You mean the transportation charges. Of course this is negligible. No body is otherwise going to send us free of cost.

  • You r welcome my dear. I hv just found that premium lapsi is made out of Khapli Gehun. The lapsi tastes like magic when Khapli Gehun is used. There is a guy who has a factory for making Dalia. I have called him over for a meeting and will see how he can ship you guys dalia in packs of 1 kg each throughout the year. Also flour ground on chakki with he bran in packs of 1 kg each. The new crop is expected next month and by Diwali the stock with merchant often runs out except with some Retailers. As per Ayurveda you should use old grain and nrew grain should be allowed to age for at elast 3-4 months so Naqsh you have taken right decision. It catches insects fast. So add Zandu Parad tablets and dried neem leaves AFTER careful sieving and cleaning. If u hv a large freezer in yr fridge pack 5 kg each, store in freezer 48 hrs to kill all eggs and then store in air tight containers to let it come to room temperature without picking up moisture. Parad tabelts are poisonous and you must remove carefully before use.

    I hope i did not waste yr or anyone's time by this stupid gyaan.

  • Ohh, that is cool idea to freeze the grain to kill eggs of insects. In fact when I first purchased Long Wheat, after a few days, I saw insects flying from the container, though it was air-tight, even the grain was exposed to enough sunlight.

  • You are right storing will be little problem. My granny suggested I should apply castor oil say 1 100 ml botte for 5 kg, rub them nicely on the wheat so all wheat have castor oil coating and store. This will take care of insects.

    Thank you so much sir :-)

  • Who is this guy "Sir". I am Aam Aadmi and get a bit embarrassed. Call me Uncle or Umm as the Arabs used to call me. You are like a daughter.

    The new crop is expected shortly. Neem trees have started getting green. We need to stock neem leaves. I will order Castor oil right now. We need to develop a method to store LW, LW lapsi, LW flour as we will like to grind in lots of 5 kg each. I got my flour packed in bags of 1 kg each and kept the in freezer for 48 hours to destroy the ability of eggs to germinate.

    Pls ask yr granny how she stores daals and basmati rice.. I use the method above, deep freeze 48 hrs then neem leaves.

    But i am working on bag of Khapli gehun when new crop comes.

  • Is it possible to get blood sugar reading (both fasting and PPBS) of patients of preferably Type I diabetes. I am interested to know this from those who have used LW atleast for 3 months, along with a description of how they have used LW. This would help to establish how effective or otherwise, the use of LW in diabetes. My e mail id is narasimhan2003@gmail.com


  • u hv type 1 or 2?

  • Where in Delhi / NCR, one can buy Long Wheat / Kapli Gehun? Suggest if addresses of the dealer in different cities could be shared. Rgds.

  • Very good idea Balli. I love it. I have shared two suppliers in Pune. Addresses in Hyd have been shared. Also in Allepy and Bangalore. If residents of other cities who have bought locally share their resource and the price, tel no. it will be a fitting thank you to Shooter George. I bow to you Shooter. Today I have converted a lady on insulin on yr diet along with insulin leaves which i started for her 5 days ago. She says her one eye was giving her lot of problem and she could not open it. Now she can and she came for more leaves. Encouraged I changed her to LWMD and she agreed gladly. Shooter I am spreading yr gospel in gratitude to you. Champion go on shooting. I give her insulin leaves free, anyone in need should get locally from yr city.

  • I live in Chennai. Is this wheat available in chennai. What is the name I should tell the shopkeeper to deliver the correct item to me. Thanks for the help

  • Guys can get it in Kerala, Bangalore and Hyd. I am sure someone from the forum could guide you.I am still using it alongwith some High Fat and enjoying 2-3 mangoes, Raw mango panna (with some jaggery) and malai lassi. Summer is bliss.

  • Can you please tell me where i can get the wheat in Mumbai?

  • no idea. I am from Pune

  • Dear Sudhakar, Happy to read your post. Marathi name is Raala and it is sold very easily. Those who keep love birds feed the them and the love birds enjoy them most. I found ALL birds including pigeons like them. I read about it and tried making dosa after grinding and taking the husk off. Do you take the husk off or just wash, soak and boil. Your study is a game changer.

  • Dear Guptaji,

    Sir, Kindly Translate "Fotail Millet" in Hindi. Can we get it in delhi/ncr.



  • Sir,

    Kindly suggest some way of getting LWG (Long Wheat Grain) in delhi/ncr.



  • i have long wheat produced on my farm at rs 50/- per Kg.

  • pl send your whats App no.and location on my whatsapp no 9158992676. Thanks

  • Sir i am not on whatsapp my mobile no is 09822670872

    Newasa dist ahmednagar

  • Hello, Mr. Anil.

    This is Prof. Y.P. Gupta from Ludhiana. May I request you to send me 10 Kg of Khapli Gehun at my address below.

    Flat No. 10, Part-A

    Aggar Nagar- Ludhiana 141012

  • I am a user not a trader. Punjab is major producer of wheat. Motivate your students to grow Khapli Gehun which is very hardy, needs less labour and can be exported to US and Canada in shiploads as the no of diabetics is phenomenal. Order Jeeva Diabetic wheat flour from Big Basket.com. It is from Farro wheat ie Khapli Gehun. As a Baniya like me you will prefer roti to daily dose of porridge. Cheers.

  • But how to get the seed. Khapli/ Long wheat is not sold any where in Ludhiana. P eople are not aware about its name even.

  • The Agri deptt of Maharashtra supply. Also Gujarat is doing good business. Awareness needs to be created by thought leaders like you, then you are real professor.

    Entrepreneur makes money. He needs to get up from his back side. If anyone is having land and inclination, aptitude and the attitude he may contact me.

    It is sad that with Professors like you, the people of your city don even know the name even.

    This cannot be India our forefathers went to jail for.

    Punjab is land of Lala Lajpatrai and Shahid Bhagat Singh. Do it proud, contribute, then you will be real professor, otherwise we remain mere wage earners.

  • i will give 35 rupees per kg

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