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Micro Re-search with the Pseudo diabetic Persons.As well some true case histories of so called diabetics

I was a pathologist.Having my own lab,My dad being my first patient.There was no family history of diabetes.His FBS was 400 with no symptoms absolutely.When checked on his medical history it came to light that he had amoebic abscess of the liver 2 years earlier.,which had damaged his insulin production.BUT when he was given diabetic tablets half a pill,he became hypoglycemic.Diabetic specialist could not treat him.So home remedy was started.Daily morning on an empty stomach ,he was given one teaspoon of Fenugreek (Methi seeds),which were washed and placed in about 50 ml of water,over night.Also the water had to be consumed.Daily one bitter guard (Karela) or 100 gms of Tindoli as a veg preparation.Apart from this no other restrictions on food.First fifteen days checked his blood sugar alternate day.In one weeks time FBS came down to 250 and end of 15 days it came down to 110.As a routine he used to walk a lot ,at least for 1-11/2 hours.....as was his habit.For 3 years it continued to be normal.As he retired from service at 60,thought of taking a vacation when his routine got changed for 2 months.........to be continued

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Pl.mention what is TINDOLI in Tamil


Sorry,I do not know the name in Tamil,in English it is called Gherkin,u can see the picture in wikipedia.


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