Selling on this website should be barred

We are seeing all kinds of vendors on this site trying to sell products whose efficacy is not known. By allowing such postings, the site is indirectly promoting products which are not proven and tested by any authorities. And this is not good for people who are trying to manage their sugar levels. This site should only be for people with diabetes and medical practitioners who can give sound medical advise. Website manager should delete all messages of soliciting with products and unknown treatments.


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  • We are doing everything we can to moderate this site, but HealthUnlocked is much bigger than just this one. Please, if you saw my earlier post, you'd see that you can utilize the "Report" button next to all this content and we can get rid of it as soon as we see it.

    Thank you

  • If you are fair, you must disclose how you were treated in this web site itself and you should not advocate for those who offer assistance by providing their mobile number and ask us to contact

  • Please read my message carefully. What I am saying is vendors soliciting customers should be discouraged.

  • arsunil is another name of this vendor who has intruded in this site and misleading. Don't sell your products here. This is not a place for advertisements like offers for growth of hair, fairness creams. Such persons should be identified and sent to jail.

  • Scamsters thrive on helplessness of a diabetic who thinks that diabetes can be cured. I never needed anyone to tell me what to do. I spent hours reading on web and experimenting myself. Thank my luck that i am con trolling without taking any PILLS ... the other day i saw some Glucocare 90 capsules for 1000 ... that's ridiculous and it will never work i am sure ... it;s like Jackie Shroff selling Sudha Sanhee oil on TV

    Let food be thy medicine should be the moto :)

  • I think it is possible for moderator to identify members who are trying to sell products, and restrict such postings.

  • Like I've said many times already, we cannot moderate this site constantly with the amount of activity going on. If you are an honest person, I trust you will help us out and click the "Report" button for all inappropriate content that breaks the Guidelines. Please, help us.

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