Is diabetes curable or controllable only?

 Is diabetes curable or controllable only?

Dear all,

There are many sites on the internet on which people are claiming various methods for curing (not for controlling only) diabetes.Such an example is the following site:

I am a diabetic and I have no much idea of diabetes.Please discuss this issue with open mind and heart for the benefit of all of us!


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  • All claims of CURE are HOGWASH and QUACKERY at its best.

  • Dear Anup Ji,please go through information provided by MilindChatrabhuji!What conclusion can be made on the basis of these information?

  • I look for PROOFS rather than opinions and my medical reports and my meter is best proof. :)

    Oh Stem cell -- they are talking about this ever since I joined this forum in 2013. Reducing insulin by 75% after stem cell treatment is cure? If it is then LCHF Diet is a far better CURE :)

    Get me a CURED diabetic. I will treat him to 2 cans of normal coke and then test his sugar at 30,60,90,120 minutes. A non diabetic never would shoot beyond 120 even after drinking 2 cans of coke.

    BTW, most claiming CURE are looking at your WALLET either directly or indirectly as they are selling something directly or indirectly.

    Rest assured, Diabetes will remain non curable. Do you seriously think drug companies will want the $650 billion market to vanish by Curing diabetes? No way!!!! If they do cure, they will replace it with something more sinister.

  • Eye opening!One more thing-He ( MilindChatrabhuji) has deleted all of his replies.It is not clear,why?

  • He was trying to TRAP me into something (perhaps some CURE Quackery) over PM, but I cut the discussion short. Told him I am not interested in Cure :)

  • OMG!

  • i want to know if there are rules in this website that doctors are not allowed to interact here

    is it like that?

  • most welcome to vadodara, sir!

    and i would like say 'no, thanks' for your offer.

    you can conduct clinical trials as per your wish and need, not involving me.

    you have your criterias, as per modern medical science of research methodology, i have different criterias.

    i have also learnt about research criterias like clinical trials and others.

    for my criterias, please refer to the book charaka samhita/sutrasthaan/11th chapter.

    and if you find anything difficult to understand, please let me know, i am ready at anytime to elaborate.

  • And . . . . .now he has deleted his profile!

  • Failed business plan :)

    I don't touch anything that claims Diabetes CURE even with a 10 foot long barge pole.

  • dear anup please confirm before claiming to anyone

    i want to have a gentle discussion here as i am still studying and want to know things want to share things

    i am not having business plans

  • You claimed you are a doctor. Now you are saying that you are studying. You contacted me over PM hinting at CURE. When some one asked if you can give proof of cure, you mentioned that as a doctor you cannot disclose details of clients.

    Anyways, I am not interested in these discussions.

  • anup i didnt claim i am a doctor

    i am a doctor

    go to ahmedabad civil hospital and go to registrar's office open the first part of register and search for GB I 19753 number

    you will see Dr Milind Chatrabhuji there

    that is the registration number given by Govt of Gujarat to me after completing my graduation

    now i am studying in M.D. that is post graduation college.

    come to vadodara Parul University's Parul Institute of Ayurveda's PG dept of Rasa Shastra, you can meet me

  • i got my graduation degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. it is BAMS. and for my post graduate studies, i am now at parul univerity.

    as per Govt of India's Central council of indian medicine, they offer MD and MS post graduation courses of 3 years. there are 22 departments of specialities all over india.

    for more info please visit CCIM's website.

  • respected anup and alwaysoptimistic

    please reply

  • i did not delete my profile

    i assume administrator or somebody else has deleted my account

  • you are not interested in cure then its ok

    nobody has problems if you dont want cure

  • i never tried to trap you or anyone else ever.

    please dont speak like these.

  • hello sir

    i did not delete my comments

    i cant understand why my account is deleted from this website

    it happened with me two times in last four days

  • I would like to ask a question. Is diabetes curable under modern medicine?

    Then why other systems of medicine are being dismissed as eye wash?

    At least a trial should be given if it is not too costly or too difficult to experiment.

  • Thanks for your reply!Which medicine do you think can cure?

  • You can try homeopathic preparation ---' pancreatinum , Insulinam , chionanthus , ceonathus , along with Arsenicum. If they are taken along with modern medicine the impact of homeopathic medicines gets much reduced .The other things being same like food , exercise and rest the result can be seen within 4 months .

  • For the control of diabetes there are many options for the people like LCHF,LWMDR etc with/without medicines but the question is whether diabetes can be cured?

  • YES and a big yes . But if insisted for the proof , it is a bit difficult to produce the same , since much hype is given by modern medicine regarding their efficacy and the insufficiency of alternate medicine. It is a racket where only their profits are counted .Alternate medicine never tries to supress the disease ,but rather tries to eradicate the same.Now the ball is in your court . You have to search for the avenues to get a solution for the problem in hand .

  • Are you a doctor?

  • Waiting for your reply!

  • yes . I am . But a retired person , who is no longer in practice & who does not have time for the same. This is not a lame excuse , neither a sales promotion campaign for any one .

  • OK!This is good that you are a retired doctor. So you are an experienced & knowledgeable person.

  • Low carb high fat food will produce some problems and complications after 10 years or so .A person of middle age or old age can indulge in that , rightfully so . But youth and adolacents can not afford that .

  • So what is alternative of low carb and high fat diet?

  • Taking care to see that weight does not become too much , yoga and certain asanas like sarvangasanam , matsyasanam , halasanam ,pranayama etc , exposure to sunlight to get vitamin D , taking the life as it comes , listening to good music ,etc all go a long way in reducing the stress and ensure good blood circulation along with healthy body and mind. Definitely you can search a good homeopathic doctor who will help you .

  • Good advice!Thanks a lot!Have you treated any diabetic during your working era.

  • Not many cases because people did not trust alternate medicine. Now the scenario changed , with the realisation of the possible side effects of modern medicine

  • So what were your findings?

  • Like all people say , diabetes , is a complex malady where the most important organ of human body gets dysfunctional due to many faulty practices and many medicines which play havoc with the economy.It takes a long time to set it correct . But a good homeopathic doctor who is not after money can set it in to correct mode . Thus I found out the correction is possible.There is no need for any surgery , because as long as the causative factor is present , the result would be same When we get in to some problem like a sour , we don't cut off the head if it were found in side the throat. we have to attend to the root cause and attend to that .Cutting off is the most common practice now a days in diseases like cancer.

  • Do you know any body whose diabetes is permanently cured?

  • yes and no . If some body is free from any symptoms for a period of 5 or 6 years , do you mean that is cure or no cure

  • He is cured only when he has liberty of enjoying every food which gives him good taste without any fear in mind and harm to body and mind both.I mean-if there is no restriction on diet and there is no harmful effect then he is cured.

  • As far as my knowledge goes no cure which gives that guarantee is available right now .To a certain extent alternate medicine enables you to lead relatively relaxed life .Human body is like a machine and any machine is subject to wear and tear, if used properly. You can eat any thing and do whatever you want but it should be in optimum limit.

  • Why don't you try any alternate medicine , whether it is Ayurveda , homeopathy or siddha or unani. None of these systoms are harmful if care and caution is exercised by the concerned Doctor.

  • So we can conclude that diabetes can not be cured!Is not it?

    The good thing is only that it can be controlled.

    What do you think which way of controlling diabetes is safe?



  • Either Ayurveda or homeopathy with yoga and pranayama

  • Diet?

  • You can eat everything as long as weight is with in the limit .

  • What should be the weight of a male having height 6'-1''?

  • somewhere around 160 to 170 pounds

  • Adult male can have up to 1800 to 2000calories assuming that he is diagnoised with diabetes. The diet should contain carbohydrates ,fats , proteins in the right proportions. It should contain roughage to avoid constipation, vitamins and salts to prevent any deficiencies. He can take bread , salt biscuits ,fresh fruits soups ,milk , butter ghee in moderation . Cheese ,eggs , fish vegetables any amount as he desires.The proportion of carbohydrates , proteins and fats is---50 ,30 20 .Where acetone is found in urine fats should be minimum. The amount of carbohydrates depends upon the age , weight physical activity and body build , type of diabetes , stress etc. 100 grams of rice or wheat gives 330 calories Any cereal for that matter gives almost same calories . It s a myth that chapathi gives less calories. Some vegetables like ladies' fingers to,atoes , Brinjal ,green gourd , bitterguord ,lettuce , etc do notgive more calories . So it is better to m-add them liberally in water milon ,grapes ,lemon ,mango ,papaya grape ,oranges can be taken without any hesitation . The overall rule is any thing having an eye on the total calories . the diet . Fruits like guava ,probably you know all these thin gs by now .So within these guide lines you can eat everything while you are on medication . After 4 to 6 months you can revert to normal diet . Then also it is better if you follow this routine .

  • 50:30:20 is horrible diet for diabetics.

    80% of this diet (carbs and protiens) is what spikes sugar.

    Even 1 kg of bitter gourd will do nothing much on such a diet.

    Calorie counting is a failed theory.

    As for Ketosis, DKA is not Nutrional Ketosis and Nutritional Ketosis is healthy state of metabolism. Most experts mix the two. Nothing surprising here.

  • The parameters given are assuming that the patient is on alternate medicine .Actually body is made up of sapthadhathus and 6 rasas . Any imbalance in these things gives disease . Too much or too little of any rasa or dhathu leads to disease .

  • calories counting could be a failed thery . But unless calorie counting is imposed , people eat like gluttons . In the days of yore , people were working very hard and hence there was no need of any food restrictions . Now there is no physical work , no walks , no pollution free air , water , food which all are depleting the shakthi. Any food taken is getting stored in the body in the form of fat in the absence of hardwork..

  • So,what is conclusion about ideal diet?

  • A diet that gets TG < 100 and fasting insulin down to lowest limit of the range and get TG/HDL ratio < 2.5.

    One should look at these things and control them. Sugar levels will automatically come down with LEAST dependence on DRUGS. Trying to just lower sugar by incessant use of drugs is like dousing fire with petrol. It will never be doused.

    Long-term study of exercise and high carb diet to Diabetics have already shown that exercise has no beneficial effect on CVD/CHD in case of diabetics.

  • Only on HIGH CARB LOW FAT people eat like gluttons because sugar (read insulin) spikes and crashes forces them to. On LCHF one just cannot over eat :)

    I stopped walking years back and still sugar levels are in control without drugs. No drugs for hypertension, no drugs for cholesterol, despite HIGH FAT.

    Believe me, I have experimented with herbs, methi, karela juice before finally settling with LCHF diet. The core issue of managing diabetes is reduce insulin levels in blood and not increase it. More you increase, more the dangers.

  • Please give information about your regular daily diet schedule.

  • I have posted a lot on

    Have posted here many times in the past -- right from Jan 2013. Many others have also posted their meals/diet and numbers that they get.

    One of my batch-mates went of Rs 50/day Onglynza diabetic pill and his MF is down to one dose of 500 mg a day. 13 years diabetic history. He switched to LCHF diet and lands NON DIABETIC numbers :)

    So, another batchmate of mine contacted me on FB and have advised him -- either switch to LCHF or keep eating drugs like peanuts :)

  • What were your findings with zeera-methi etc?

  • The benefit that it might have given could also be the "range of error" in meter readings. Key is get the TG/HDL ratio down to < 2.5, lower the better. Methi, Karela etc on its own cannot achieve that for sure. On High carb -- NEVER.

    Also, any course of action that forces more secretion of insulin in blood, I am not a big fan of. Talking as a Type 2.

  • In LCHF,HF includes saturated or unsaturated fats?Do you recommend Cheese (paneer)?

  • Mix but MUFA is also UNSTABLE so turns rancid. PUFA i keep to bare minimum.

    Saturated Fat (SFA) source -- my fav is VCO for reasons already explained many times.

    Paneer yes, but don't overdo in a single sitting as proteins also cause spike in blood sugar and spikes from proteins come late. No more than 25-30 grams proteins in single meal (presuming 3 meals a day).

  • OK.Got it! So far,I have enjoyed a lot VCO & coconut milk.These both appear as instant source of energy.

  • Refer first link in my previous reply.

  • I have got it!It seems very useful.I will read it,carefully,in the morning.

  • Today's last question-Do you take sleep?If yes then when??

    It was not expected by me that you will be available online at this time.

  • Anytime.

    When I hit sack i sleep for 8 good hours :)

  • Great!

    Good night/good morning as par your suitability!

  • Time will prove the truth . Karela ,herbs , methi etc all are palliatives . A proper combination of homeopathic medicines depending upon the constitution , age , weight , height , type of disease , triggering factors , back ground ,past illnesses, will definitely attend to the problem

    . There is no point in arguing without a solid proof of at least 500 cases as per you , which unfortunately is not possible because that many people do not come for homeopathy as of now . When everything fails they turn to homeopathy .

  • When everything fails in diabetes control then people turn to LCHF diet. :)

  • no way

  • Then which diet plan is good for a diabetes?

  • Numbers on LCHF here and on (exclusively LCHF forum) prove it. LCHF is the only thing which has worked consistently without If's and But's.

  • He was one of the first to switch -- with all complications -- and is still happy that he switched:

    Recently he asked me over email about source of good VCO. VCO is the best oil under the sun with no replacement.

    LCHF just works :)

  • There is always the danger of Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis with high fat food . Some stray cases do not justify lchf food .

  • Diabetes is not curable by any medication. If one is serious about trying to manage diabetes, then first thing should be LCHF diet.

  • Sorry, LCHF doesn't cause damage by and large as LCHF diet is not a medication. LCHF diet does cause damage for guys who haven't lived a single day on it and are just referring to lies that have been spread for over 4 decades.

  • lchf is not a drug but in the long term , definitely contributes to many complications which could be fatal.

  • Quote one complication in the "Long Term" (and how big is the long term?). with documented evidence and not some study on rats and rabbits fed with bun-laced-with-butter.

    It's a LIE that LCHF causes complications. There's absolutely no proof. All complications have only gone up ever since the BIG FAT LIE from Ancel Keys came up and carbs started increasing and FAT started decreasing in diet.

    In the long term also it has been proved that Saturated Fat doesn't cause CVD/CHD.

  • long term is 10 to 12 years and complication is excess fat getting stored in the body which could be dangerous to heart , liver , kidneys etc.

  • Now that , it is being advocated on war footing , we would see the results in another 10 years.One shower does not make a summer.

  • Dr Bernstein is on very low carb diet for 50 years as a Type 1 diabetic who is still alive ( close to 70 years type 1 diabetic history).

    So, no LCHF isn't having any bad effect at all. Dr Bernstein is on 30 grams carbs a day. There are many like him on VLC for decades.

    All this rant and rigging against LCHF is vested interest of drug and high carb food industry. Millions of diabetics have been on this diet world over for more than decade.

    First understand LCHF. FAT is stored not because of FAT but because of High residual insulin that's inherent gift of so called healthy diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT. Problem is that those who oppose LCHF, want their OPINIONS to be accepted as PROOF. They never ever offer any valid proof. We offer our medical reports as proof.

    I have discussed this with many so called diabetologists. AT the end, when they have nothing concrete to offer, they all end up saying that they are following GUIDELINES -- Guidelines which have clearly FAILED.

    Incidentally, many diabetics have gone of even STATIN drugs. So not sure where this imaginative fat deposition in heart and kidney comes from. This one is saving close to Rs 3000/month on drugs within a month and has great numbers:

    So if one million diabetics get to this state, what is the loss to DRUG industry? The number will explain why these vested interests spend billions to prove LCHF is bad, but they fail to do so when it comes to answering based on medical reports on ground. They go gaga over some mice studies.

    It's low fat nonsense that has ruined health:

  • Dear MilindChatrabhuji,thanks for your participation!What do you mean by other type of treatment?

  • So you are a Doctor!Is not it?Fine!Let me to know-In your knowledge,is there any case of permanent cure of diabetes?If yes then what was his treatment procedure?

  • Do you know,personally,any of them who are permanently cured?If yes then,please provide their contacts so that interested people may contact them for further guidance.

  • OK!Thanks in advance!!

  • This looks similar to LWMDR

  • Dear klgksharma,thank you very much for your comment!What looks to you similar to LWMDR?

  • In the link provided, the method suggested is to cook Rye meal( whole wheat grain with bran and germ) looked similar to Shooter George's LWMDR

  • OK.I got it!

  • homeopathy tries to cure any disease by attending to the causAtive factors

    When once the causative factor is removed there should not be a disease .. requires much dedication , patience and expertise on the part of patient as well as doctor . Unfortunately however that gwenre is absent now a days . Everything is going for quick fix solutions .

  • Dear bhaswathy,thanks a lot for sharing some knowledge about homeopathy!Please discuss in details!

  • The diabetic medication is a multi dollar industry , going by the fact that one in five is suffering with that problem . We have to fight with the greed of the people wanting to make money on the pain of others on a war footing .The main cause of the disease is wrong eating habits , wrong sleeping and resting habits apart from the air , sound , light ,and water pollution. I personally believe that it is not hereditary . Homeopathy medicine if selected properly, goes in search of the diseased ion and destroys it. The modern medicine aims at

    suppression rather than elemination.

  • I'd prefer homeopathy and ayurveda anytime over allopathy unless you really need a quick fix example in case of severe diarrhoea or something life threatening accidents.

  • Right!

  • 1.

    root cause of diabetes was shown in my previous comments which are now deleted by dont-know-whoever.

    it is not proper functioning of rasa-dhatwagni i.e. inability / less ability of our body to absorb even simple carbohydrates.

    you can classify this inability into types like insulin resistance, beta cell death and many more.


    there is no ayurvedic 'herbal' medicine to eliminate the cause or cure diabetes. whichever medicines used for this, are metallic preparations and not herbal. they contain herbs along with metals, but are not 'only herbal'.

  • The amount of money , patience & time spent on modern medicine if spent on alternative medicine definitely a cure can be found. Cure has to come from with in. First of all use of synthetic fertilisers & ckemicals have to be stopped .The pollution of water bodies have to be penalised heavily .With pure water , air and food the so called auto immune diseases disappear. It is a near impossible task unless and until Present youth take active and dedicated interest in the welfare of the humanity .

  • Right!

  • I have been a diabetic since 2001 and as time hos gone by I have gained a lot of background researching the subject. Although lots of articles can be found in the Internet about reversing diabetes I believe it is NOT. The diabetes disorder is due to two organs in the human body: Liver and Pancreas; if these two organs go bad the result is diabetes; hence, in order to reverse diabetes those two organs must be 100% healthy regardless of how severely the damage is and that I believe cannot be done unless a transplant is done of at least the pancreas, if a donor is available. Therefore, diabetes can only be controlled through medication, diet, and taking support supplements. The best advise I can give to anyone with diabetes is to have a good diet which includes the following: No sugar at all but instead use Stevia which is 100% a natural sweetener, control your intake of Carbohydrates (Carbs) and not to exceed 200 gr per day. Your intake of fiber should be between 40 - 60 gr per day or more if you can. An excellent source of fiber are all the green vegetables which all are at the low end of the glycemic Index (GI) and glycemic load (GL). Replace any grain, if you eat them, with Quinoa which has a GI of 53 which is not bad; however, taking into account all of the properties of Quinoa, it is worth having it in your recipe of foods for diabetics people. A cup of cooked Quinoa has 25g of carbohydrates with a glycemic load of 13. The quality of these Carbs makes this food a high quality energy source that does not spike blood sugar levels. Stay away from all pastas also. Get a list of GI and GL foods and follow it to the T and specially the GL.

    Supplements: although there are some herbicides which are good to control diabetes, most of them interacts with diabetes medications and the user must be very careful taking them. Some of them are: Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, and Fenugreek. Among all of the supplements, which any one can take is CO Q10 which has excellent properties for just about everything including restoration of the health of human organs and specially the Heart and Liver and therefore diabetes.

    Medications for Type 2 diabetes: Although there are quite a few the most popular ones are Metformin and Glipizide; however, with time their effect subsides and the medication dosage has to be increased and here is where diabetes management must be observed. One of the things most people, including doctors, are not familiar with is the Somogyi Effect and the Dawn Effect which play an important role in diabetes management. Both effects or phenomena has to do with diabetic people having an increase of glucose when they get up in the morning even if they take the medication as indicated by the physician; so, what can you do to find the cause and how to control it. Regardless of which effect takes place (Somogyi or Dawn) the bottom line is the increase of glucose levels at dawn and here is what people must do: at 3:00 am take the medication prescribed (in my case is Metformin 1000 mg and Glipizide 5 mg) and that will bring the glucose down; however, the danger to become hypoglycemic is there; therefor, take instead 500 mg of Metformin and 5 mg of Glipizide or just the Metformin or Glipizide depending the glucose level at 3:00 am.

    The art of testing glucose levels: Although doctors tell you to test about 2 times per week I advise to test "EVERY DAY" and depending of the symptoms you feel and hence you might need to test even more than once every day as myself (you need to know the symptoms for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and that you can find it in the Internet). I test my glucose at 3:00 am before taking the medication and 6 hours after. Why 6 hours after? Because I split the medication so I can take it every 6 hours instead of twice a day with meals; by the way, Metformin can be taken without a meal after your body has become accustomed to it but you can have a little snack with it (no sugar) if you want to be on the sure side.

    You have to do a lot of trial and error also with yourself and your glucose meter and that means testing, testing and more testing and see what works best for you as not all of us are created equal. Good Luck!

  • cicuta Good information this is for your experience thanks a lot

  • Dear cicuta,thanks for sharing your experience!

  • alwaysoptimistic sir, you started a nice post and i and other people contributed some info like prognosis by me experience by cicuta

    but now i see only blaming commments on a person here

    i want to know who deleted my comments and who deleted my account two times

    why i am prevented to log in to healthunlocked site?

    i think these comments are also going to be deleted

  • Dear Milind_Chatrabhuji,I do not know who has deleted your replies.But as par best of my knowledge and belief-either account holder or website authority can delete comments.May be-they are not satisfied with your account activities.

    In this discussion,no body except you has claimed that diabetes is curable.They all are agree that it can be controlled only using diet control,excises and/or medicines.Let more people involved in this discussion.

  • thank you for your reply sir.

    before insulin invention people told DM type1 is incurable.

    before Ferdinand Magellan's travel people didn't believe earth is round.

    before edward jenner people believed smallpox a deadly disease.

    and before aryabhatt's discovery of zero you know better how people dealt with maths.

    we will see a brighter future,sir, as DM2 doesn't need invention, it needs just discovery.

  • and i got an experience here that truth is seen as claim and gets only blame just because it is not proven on the spot.

    nice, isn't it!

  • Dear Milind_Chatrabhuji,Since you have introduced as a doctor and a doctor is considered as a medical expert therefore,I have used the word-"claim".You can go through all replies.None except you is in the opinion that diabetes is curable.I am agree with logic quoted by you as given below-

    "before insulin invention people told DM type1 is incurable.

    before Ferdinand Magellan's travel people didn't believe earth is round.

    before Edward Jenner people believed smallpox a deadly disease.

    and before Aryabhatt's discovery of zero you know better how people dealt with maths"

    But I would like to add that unless or otherwise,you do not produce any proof in support of your experience,no one will believe in it.And you already know many claims of cure of diabetes have been discarded so far.Also there are many people around the world who are engaged in cheating innocent diabetic patients.

    I have started this discussion with optimistic approach to reach at the reality.Feel free to express your points here and let us see what conclusion is finally made.

  • yes sir, you are true.

    i need to prove myself and i will.

  • All the best!

  • as i have told in previous replies, clinical trials are not my choice of research criterias. if you need clinical trials, you can have it with your resources; i am ready to provide interpretation of ayurvedic knowledge, my prognosis, and line of treatment. please have them and perform clinical trials or get my modern science counterpart doctors to perform them. i am with you every time.

  • Pl check with the admin. It is bad to have somebody else delete your comments or attempts to log in.

  • respected ragivrao,

    i will not repeat it, thank you sir

  • yes, sure sir.


  • Milind_ Chatrabhuji I am seen some comments from this discussion

    I am learned above your comment u are Registered Doctor

    I am DM from last 21 years i am now fully control and my BS and other parameter is like non diabetic ( For reference u may seen my profile discussions MY DIET PLAN and also MY BLOOD TEST RESULT AS ON 7/7 2015

    In my opinion Diabetes is not curable but to be control by

    1 proper diet plan

    2 by doing exercise like yoga walking ups and downs from stair cases or using aerobic tread mill or push up totally any type of activity

    3 Diabetes to be noticed for different reasons

    a) hereditary aspects from fore parents through jeans

    b) by sedentary life like eating more and more without break up

    c) digestive capacity of the person

    d) Insulin resistance and Insulin deficiency

    ! and 2 should be maintained by the persons Here Doctor cannot make any help

    For other things the person must take some consultation with Doctors for drugs.

    I Dm T2 should be come most of cases for Insulin resistance It must be avoided by proper diet plan and exercise for this some drugs maybe taken with diet according to Doctors advise

    For Insulin dificency if it too much then Insulin must be taken if he avoid too much eating foods specially carbs he may used small quantity of dosage i not he may take larger quantity of insulin dosage

    this is my experience i am not insulin user

    In my opinion Ayurvedic medicine may not possible to control DM but it avoid the complications of diabetic damages

    Please share your guidelines i am also a student of Ayurvedic and it is the time to learning some thing from U

  • Dear agrhar,thanks for sharing your opinion and experience!

  • thank you for sharing your experience, sir.

    as per ayurvedic prognosis and line of treatment,

    there are two causes to every disease.

    1. sannikrusta i.e. cause which is nearer

    in case of DM2, it is rasa dhatwagni kshaya (death of beta cells / insulin resistance / other subtypes)

    2. viprakrusta i.e. cause which is far.

    in case of DM2, it is unsuitable diet and sedentary lifestyle which causes unwanted blood sugar.

    --for the complete cure of any disease, we must eliminate both of these.

    we eliminate the second cause by,

    1. suitable diet

    2. practising yoga and/or exercises, .

    3. by taking medicines like,

    a) metformin or other modern medicines

    b) herbal medicines which helps down blood sugar

    4. by taking insulin

    along with the four told above, for the elimination of first cause, we need some different line of treatment.

    1. panchakarma

    2. beta cell replacement (if problem with them)

    3. rasa aushadhis (ayu. medicines prepared with metals and herbs)

    the need to eliminate the first cause is to get rid from the lifetime dependency of those four.

  • Dear Milind_Chatrabhuji,last year,I went for Panchkarma by Ayurveda specialist.But I did not found much improvement in BS levels.However,there was change in my appearance.So,it was beneficial to some extent only.They told that if any body going for Panchkarma then he/she must repeat it for at least three times to get appreciable change in health.

  • this is a name given by 20th and 21st century doctors, actually it contains much more than five procedures.

    panchakarma is intended for elimination of minute waste from whole body.

    for cure, the follow up rasayan chikitsa is must.

  • OK!

  • diabetes , whether type one or two is curable with the homeopathic medication based on constituional study .

  • Dear bhaswathy,Thanks for opinion shared by you!Please elaborate your opinion!

  • Once a disease is under control without any sign of recurrence, then one can say it is cured. Hence most of the time it is said it is dependent on the individual because there are so many factors involved besides the most important i.e genetics.

  • Dear Dsouza33,Thank you very much for your participation!In your knowledge-Is there any case of permanent cure of diabetes so far?

  • I know of people suffering from diabetes and many who suffer from diabetes related disorders - hypertension, angina, stroke, etc. There are so many people in the world suffering from the disease. Some did not have diabetes when they died due to a heart attack eventually - so what do you attribute their death to - diabetes or heart attack - remember diabetes is the trigger.......

  • and according to you-this trigger is controllable but not curable.Is not it?

  • HBP Heart diseases was not linked to diabetes I am seen one of my friend he was 67 age he was non diabetic But he was some Hypertension Except from Hypertension He was quite alright

    So diabetes is not linked to H BP and heart problems similarly Obesity and over wt also not linked to Diabetes But for D M persons have more chances of H BP heart problems kidney damages And also obesity and over wt persons have more chances of diabetic comparing to other normal wt. persons

  • Yes , by saying that homeopathy is better when it comes to some diseases , it does not mean to demngrate modern medicine . I

  • Is there any case of permanent cure of diabetes so far using homeopathy?

  • OK.Thanks!If possible give link to his news letter!

  • OK!

  • Also, he loves the SFA loaded Coconut Oil, which many experts here WRONGLY claim as bad for the heart. VCO is the best oil under the sun for we diabetics on LCHF diet.

    Since the number of "INDIAN" diabetics on LCHF diet has strongly grown (400+ now) over the years, we are looking at "Indian" diabetic's experiences :)

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  • In case of epidemic diseases , in cases where surgery is needed , Allopathy is the only solution . But where the problem is with the system , Ayurved and homeopathy are the best options.

  • How is the response of Ayurveda & Homeopathy in the case of diabetes?

  • I am have no homeopathic knowledge. In Ayurvedic system some of several medicines available in which

    Nishamalaki tablets madumardan churna or tablets and Hyponid tablets are main . Patanjali ayurvedic system has also releases as Madunasini vati These are oral drugs.

    But My opinion these are herbal extracts it prevent damage of complication formed by Diabetes , but not possible to cure diabetes

    Because Diabetes is not diseases but dis order in blood So the word curable why some of expert in Ayurvedic and homeopathic were used I do not know.

    But if u used these medicine it may not side effect in any manner Together with proper diet and life style is important

    These medicines may help for insulin resistance some extent For Insulin deficiency it may not help

    systamatic diet will help for this Even proper diet the dosage of insulin may be decreased

  • sir, nishamalaki, madhumardan churna, hyponid and madhunashini vati are the medicines intended only for controlling blood sugar levels and they have a very little ingredients which are for cure.

    so better they are used for control only, they may help to some extent for insulin resistance because they have some of the ingredients which are more potent then herbs alone.

  • I cured a case of diabetes with homeopathy by giving medicines based on constitutional and genetic factors . Even after 5 years he is well without any problem .

  • What do you mean by constitutional and genetic factors?How they influence the cure of diabetes?

  • I too am on homeopathy for psoriasis and recently for diabetes due to a sudden elevated blood sugar level but I would like to know more about constitutional and genetic factors because my Dr. didn't ask me any questions just looked at the psoriatic patches and started medication

  • A patient came to me with verdict of diabetes. It was a recent case . As usual I wanted to know the family history , his past illnesses , his food and sleep habits ,his likes and dislikes , his temperments etc all . When it came to the family history he point blankly refused when I asked him about the elders of the family having any veneral diseases . But his mother confided that her father in law had . some such problem . She also said that she consumed rat poison in a fit of anger before the boy was born . When the doctors gave a stomach wash and gave medicine for that , after a month or so she conceived this boy . I got the clue and gave medicines to him to wash out the remainants of veneral poison and rat poison . Without any further medication he got cured of the diabetes . This happened in 2010 and till to day he does not have the problem of diabetes . I do agree that it is rather difficult for non believers to accept this and probably they would dismiss it off as a case of trash . But I would like to ask a question , that is whether all advocates of modern medicine can say with certainity that all the cases taken by them are getting cured with 100% success .

  • my point is if diabetes is of recent origin and a totally frank and correct case history is present it can be cured .

  • Like it has been said time and again , as of now , the only recourse is diet control in modern medicine . All the other things like insulin shots or Metformins and other medicines only give temporary relief , but do not give a permanent cure .The multi billion dollar pharmaseutical companies know this fact pretty well.

  • Is your treatment applicable for person

    i)having genetic history of diabetes

    ii)suffering from diabetes since more than 5 years ago and

    iii)has not taken any allopathic medicine so far?

  • It is of no importance whether it is genetic or not , or any allopathic medicine is taken or not . It is only the causative factor which matters . But to tell you frankly it takes much effort and patience to find out the causative factor. homeopathic cure is highly individualistic . There are no SPECIFICS. A medicine can cure cancer or simple ulcer or simple fever . If there is a family history of TB or cancer or psoriasis or some such serious problem it helps in finding out the miasm..Diabetes is not exactly hereditary problem . It is a metabolic disorder.Of course there could be genetic tendency in some cases .

  • What are pre-requisites for this treatment?

  • There are no prerequisites

  • When a medicine is given it brings out a particular symtom and throws out that . like that one by one the symtoms are thrown out . But disease is not the out come of a single factor . It is a culmination of many things . In the olden days a single remedy was selected and given . life in general was not much complicated in those days single well selected remedy used to give brilliant results . But with pollution every where &in everything, i.e , food , air water ,and psyche, now a days many complex diseases require a combination of many medicines. A good homeopath has to take a good study and make the the combination.

  • What is expected duration and cost of the treatment?

  • Duration could be 6 months . I

  • and cost?

  • In very complicated cases it could be one year . But since it is holistic cure , one gets rids of all ailments ,no coughs , no colds , no head aches , no fevers , no bp , no ailment . As far as cost goes I don't have an idea because I never consulted any doctor . I treat all cases in the family myself.

  • It is running in the family and my father , my uncles all did it and no one in the family ever went to an allopathic doctor in the past 60 years or so .

  • Nice!

  • Do you have diabetes?

  • recently diagnoised and I am taking homeopathy my self . I wanted to experiment and had taken a wagon load of medicines myself to find a sure success formula for diabetes in case of old and helpless persons , since they can't go to the prohibitively costly modern medication which runs anywhere to 6000 to 8000 per month , with all the daily pricks and side effects . I know very well that it is holistic cure but nevertheless, I want to find out a formula which is going to give relief to many old people . In this process , I turned to be a proover and used many medicines including highly lethal snake poisons . I don't expect any punyam or any return for this . It is my mission in life . I invite suggestions of experienced in this endeaver

  • If I get success in this effort , I will definitely share it with all in the forum . I have been practicing for the past 40 years . But I had a couple of cases only in the family circles where I had given on the individual case histories. Now my interest is to find a cure on the basis of the defective spleen , liver and pancreas . But I had seen many cases where diabetes is triggered rather initiated in highly stressed conditions which again goes for an individual basis . So a comprehensive study involving spleen , liver , pancreas ,mind and central nervous has to be made .

  • central nervous system*

  • Is there improvement in your health conditions?

  • YES . i

  • What were your last FBS,PPBS and HbA1C?

  • FBS 125 and ppbs 160 . D octor said it is ok and need not worry . He said FBS could be up to 130 and PPBs up to 160 according to new set of parameters . He advised me to stop all homeopathic medication , if worried

  • These numbers are definitely not ok. It is because of these numbers that diabetes is a progressive disorder. Only OK number is non diabetic numbers.

  • The Bs levels of mine are given to him by me which I had taken by using Acu check . He got done random check which was 150. But I told him that I had taken homeopathy medicines in very high doses which could give wrong readings . Any way mine is experimental research and I go by the results . Even the Hospital I went is a Hospital as well as a research institution . Let me see for some time for the outcome of my experiment .What the doctor said is perfectly ok as per my deduction.

  • Here the experiment is being done by me after getting diagnoised with DM2 in May 2015. I started homeopathic medication from August 9th 2015. I had to wait that long for getting the medicines from the pharmacy after going through many case histories , medical books and opinions of many doctors .Of course all the doctors said that diabetes can't be reversed , but can only be controlled including homeopathic doctors .

  • The homeopathc theory is ' likes cure likes ' .Going by the dictum simple cases should be cured by herbs having sugar like Licorice , .Costus igneus etc. Complicated cases however have to be treated by giving medicines based on constitution . I do agree my experience with diabetes cases is not vast . Any way I expressed my opinion and belief . The members can ignore the view expressed if it is not palatable to them .

  • unfortunately however people go to Modern Medicine when they are

    diagnised with diabetes because much hype is given to thatn system. No one is interested in alternative medicine. So one can't give statistical data.

  • you are welcome I will be in Varanasi by the end of November 2015 Then I will give my number .

  • Our country can become diabetes free only if there is cure of diabetes.Can it cure diabetes permanently?

  • I know it can be reversed with LCHF diet . but not get completely cured.

    I am doing lot of researching on lot of things whether it can be curable. definitely, it can't be done with allopathy .Please dont use any allopathic medicine .it won't cure, moreover, you will get blocks in the heart after few years. (I observed this in 5 members of my family ).

    Here are few of my observations:

    LCHF with interment fasting can reverse diabetes. (read the obesity code of Dr joson fung)

    Yoga for pancreas also working.

    use vinegar when you are using is working

    BGR 34 also can help but not sure all the ingredients are herbal are not. instead, you can try fenugreek, vijaysar, gudmar independently which works for you (it works but dont know side effect) .before all these you need to correct your root cause of diabetes (may be smoking , odd times eating , bad carbs (like refined sugar , refined rice,all refined foods) ...etc )

    Diabetes is not a decease. it may be a pancreas problem or obesity problem or hyperthyroidism problem or lot many other things are there in the list .

    you got this may be over a period. & its a hormonal imbalance.

    need a lot of knowledge, time and effort(money also) to make it cure.

    I only way to cure this is increase your glucose tolerance levels & hormonal balancing. I'm also looking for this .dont know whether can success or not.

    many people who are suggesting like anup sir is correct from their side.

    All the best be positive and try . if you find any result share with us.

    best Regards,

    Srinivasu Y

  • Thanks a lot for your views!

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