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Diabetes Drug Approved by U.S. FDA Committee

I often visit the health site of Web Pro News/ Science as many authors write interesting articles on new discoveries and inventions on different fields. Recently, Sean Patterson has posted an article where he reported that a new medicine to treat diabetic patients has been discovered by some health experts. He has described the report in short and I will share that important information with other readers through this article.

The FDA Committee in the US has recently approved that the newly discovered medicine, canagliflozin can be used to treat type 2 diabetes symptoms in adults. The advisory committee for FDA for Metabolic and Endrocrinologic drugs has voted for the drug and has approved it. Johnson & Johnson has introduced this new drug in market giving a trade name, Invokana. This is one of the new type drugs for diabetes being introduced in America. It works as both glucose transporter and an inhibitor that prevents re-absorption of blood glucose by Kidney that influence glucose extraction lowering glucose level in blood. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes have a kidney that can absorb more amount of glucose than normal.

Doctor Peter Stein one of the representatives from Johnson& Johnson commented, “We are pleased with the positive recommendation from the committee and look forward to working with the FDA to bring this important new therapy to patients in the U.S. to help them manage their type 2 diabetes”

The experts of the organization are happy to know that the members of the committee have approved the drug. They are planning to work further with FDA experts so that they can introduce the new medicine to patients across the world through this platform. They are of the opinion that this drug will help type 2 diabetic patients to manage critical situation.

FDA approved the drug after following the level 3 clinical trail that was presented in a diabetes conference in 2012. The result proved it that the drug improves glycemic level in individuals and helps in reducing excessive weight and abnormal blood pressure.

It is good to know that diabetic patients can now use drugs safely. We must visit such sites often to know about other such important discoveries. Sites like this keep updating us and introduce us with the unknowns.


Sean is a staff writer for webpronews.com

Web Collection by : Surya Prakash Kasturi

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Dear Surya Prakash Garu,

your report is very informative and useful to all the diabetic people. Please keep

writing such articles.


Thank you guptaji,

I will collect these materials from the net. I am also putting the source of this document


Thanks for the information. However is there any likelihood of this drug being made available in India at the a reasonable cost?


I dont know Mr.Rakesh


good information,if this medicine available in india or kerala.


Instead of Statin drugs, try with natural remedies. I am using Bios slim, it works for my family. Now we are having controlled sugar levels with regular walking.

u can enjoy your normal food with this bios slim.


thanking u for bringing new drug canagliflozin can any body furnish informationwhich company market this product


Dear Dr. Pramod, thanks for your timely warning about the medicine approved by the FSDA what about approval of medicine by the Indian authorities? Kindly elaborate &guide ASHOK GOYAL MUKTSAR-Punjab India


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