I am diabetic since 11 years using only tablets.Now I am using gylcomet GP 2 Forte before my breakfast and also taking Fenugreek soaked

water early morning at 5 AM. A friend advise me to take Ladyfinger and cut into two and soak it water overnight and drink that water.that also I have been doing but i feel very I am undergoing severe Head ache why ?.Is it wrong to use both Fenugreek water and ladies finger soaked water Please advise me ? I also go for morning walk for an hour.

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  • Please report your results after 1 month and after 3 months.

    That is the scientific way to proceed.

  • "Doctors need to listen to patients rather than quote some sponsored research."

    I tend to agree with this statement. I have seen a patient being overdosed with medicines & no diet guidance being given, to the point, that the doctor had recommended insulin as the only way out for that patient. Change of Doctor, Little Diet Modification, Medicines down to 1/3rd, No insulin required, the patient is now feeling fit & energetic. Some Doctors do not even realize that the patient is talking to them about the hypoglycemia that they are undergoing ( Perhaps, it is lack of being Diabetic, themselves ).


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