I am diabetic since 11 years using only tablets.Now I am using gylcomet GP 2 Forte before my breakfast and also taking Fenugreek soaked

water early morning at 5 AM. A friend advise me to take Ladyfinger and cut into two and soak it water overnight and drink that water.that also I have been doing but i feel very I am undergoing severe Head ache why ?.Is it wrong to use both Fenugreek water and ladies finger soaked water Please advise me ? I also go for morning walk for an hour.

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  • headache is a symptom of both high sugar and low sugar. please check. the two herbs may be interfering with the gp2.

    remove both ,then introduce one after the other and see if the head ache vanishes.

    i personally do not agree with the use of any herbs unless the individuals economics is pleased by it.[ and of course in herbs there may not be any adulteration, but may contain insecticides which i hope you have washed away properly ,. use only boiled and cooled water for overnight use]

    good luck

  • Please report your results after 1 month and after 3 months.

    That is the scientific way to proceed.

  • but christy is having severe headache, to continue for a month?

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  • "Doctors need to listen to patients rather than quote some sponsored research."

    I tend to agree with this statement. I have seen a patient being overdosed with medicines & no diet guidance being given, to the point, that the doctor had recommended insulin as the only way out for that patient. Change of Doctor, Little Diet Modification, Medicines down to 1/3rd, No insulin required, the patient is now feeling fit & energetic. Some Doctors do not even realize that the patient is talking to them about the hypoglycemia that they are undergoing ( Perhaps, it is lack of being Diabetic, themselves ).


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