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Why do our blood test numbers increase as we age?

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My understanding was if loosing weight can help to reduce blood test numbers, my blood test numbers this week most of them have gone up in values! Loosing 3kg did not help! My blood cholesterol, blood HbA1C and Uric acid have all gone up, Why?

Looking for answers.

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Good question. The doctor says the medicines have saturation values. You can not increase the units of insulin and tablets to reduce blood sugar data. Mine is also like that now it is 200 plus with medication and insulin Lantus and actrapid instagram etc.

Thank you for your reply.

Do you have any problems because of high numbers?

Take care.

what diet are you taking in these days. doing exercise ?

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No change to my diet. Controlled diet, I lost 3kg in weight!

I take honey with my porridge, may be the honey?

Most of the food we eat has the ability to increase uric acid!

One has to enjoy life!!

May be blood numbers do increase as we age?

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Try to totally cut all sugary products. Honey , milk and other carbs . Just salad for few days and check again . For Uric acid you have to cut down all proteins lentils curd paneer whiskey non veg no egg Do you feel pain on bones ?

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Thank you,

I have already started in removing honey from breakfast.

Have cut down on drinks as well, I have a home uric acid test kit, the plan is to check it in 4 weeks.

"Whisky has been found to have a property that decreases the serum uric acid level. Excretion of uric acid from blood is increased by 27% after drinking whisky. Conclusions: Moderate drinking of distilled liquors did not enhance serum uric acid level, blood glucose, or insulin level in healthy male subjects."

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