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Exercising with blood sugar

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Is it okay to work out when blood sugar is really high?

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Yes, you can do exercise. walking is the best exercise. In the gym you can do cycling, tread mill and weight training, start slowly, 5 minutes on each machine, slowly extending the time to 20 minutes. You can decide on when to do the exercise, before breakfast or after breakfast.

What is important is to control on food and drinks intake, watching out for hidden and free sugar. To start with get a small dish for all three meals for low carb high fat diet.

Good luck.

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Hi BakedOut,

What was your blood sugar before exercising? If the numbers are 300+, please have some water. How high/low did your doctor say the range was to be allowed for you? Since I personally can drop really fast, my doctor says he wants me to be in the upper 100's to the mid-200's. He knows sometimes it's not possible, so he understands when there's a blip now and then between appointments. :-)

"Maintaining a healthy level of activity can help you keep your blood glucose level in a normal range. However, if you develop hyperglycemia and/or ketones are present in your urine, don't exercise. Hyperglycemia and/or ketones in the urine mean exercise will cause your blood glucose to rise higher."(1)

"High intensity exercise is a stressful form of training which has the potential to increase blood glucose levels because insulin levels fail to rise and compensate for the increased production of glucose raising hormones in someone with diabetes."(2)

"For most people, a healthy goal is 30 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking most days of the week. Each time you exercise, write down how long you worked out and your blood sugar levels before and after. Over time, you'll see how exercise improves your blood sugar."(3)


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The basic principle of any physical activity is that it should be enjoyable and relaxing. You should be well hydrated and should stop when reasonably exhausted and come back to a normal breathing level within a reasonable time period. You should arrive at a suitable routine if you keep observing how you are feeling during and after exercising. Other than these points, you can and should exercise regularly.

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Dear BakedOut

You may get different responses to your query...as every Diabete is a different person and members have expressed their own experience with exercise Vs blood sugar which may vary depending upon their diabetic conditions and different medications / exogenous insulin.

For example,

(1) Type-1's are two types - type-1's right from childhood and Type-1's progressed from type 2's

(2) Type 1.5's - again are many types some are diagnosed and some are not diagnosed. Someone may have one antibody or someone with multiple antibodies

(3) Type-2's - Some are with excess insulin in blood ...pancreas over producing insulin and yet there are one's who are insulin deficient...normally excess insulin people are overweight /obese and Insulin deficient people are lean and thin and are underweight.

Some T2's take medication to manage blood sugar along with diet/ exercise and others are able to manage blood sugar with diet / exercise without medication.

(4) So if a person is insulin deficient and trying to manage blood sugar by diet and exercise, fasting exercise may tend to increase blood sugar since the liver will dump sugar in blood and insulin deficiency state will not clear the sugar where as people with excess insulin fasting exercise may be favourable.

(5) Similarly if some one is on metformin , metformin will try to stop sugar release by liver during fasting exercise.

(6) for example, I found out post meal exercise is ideal for my blood sugar control..through a simple experiment.

One day, I did my blood sugar fasting before exercise which came to 95, After 30 mnts treadmill , it went up to 110. Then I had my breakfast and my PP after 2 hours was 138.

Next day , my fasting was 98 , then I had my usual breakfast , then post breakfast I

did a 30 mnts treadmill, and my PP after 2 hours 120.

This may not be applicable to you...as my current diabetic status is different than yours .... Everybody is Different.....you will have to find out what kind of diet and lifestyle is suitable to you.

Do you know your diabetic status ?

What is your fasting insulin ? What is your c-peptide level ? What is your current HBA1c ? What is your Lipid profile, your kidney and liver function ?

Your vitamin D & 12 level?

What is your Weight/ BMI ?

Are you on any medications ?

This will help you know your diabetic status ? And then frequent checking of your blood sugar with different dietary pattern and lifestyles will indicate the right kind life style & Diet you should follow !

There is no short cut my dear...

You may not be able to simply copy & paste somebody elses's life style and diet , though you may match someone whose conditions are more or less similar to yours ! You need to figure out that before you try to copy & paste ! 🙂

Safe journey ! May God bless you ! If you need any further information, you are welcome to contact..if you are uncomfortable in public forum , you are welcome to PM me.🙏

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