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writer's cramp


Any treatment of writer's cramp ? I m suffering from last twenty years. I m 52 years old and also diabetic from last 15 years. Please suggests me some treatment as my job is dependent on writing..

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"Writer's cramp is a specific type of focal dystonia that affects your fingers, hand, or forearm. Focal dystonia of the hands is a neurologic movement disorder. The brain sends incorrect information to the muscles, causing involuntary, excessive muscle contractions."(1) "Home remedies* stopping any activity which is causing the hands to cramp.

* stretching muscles.

* massaging or rubbing the muscles.

* applying heat or cold.

* taking certain vitamins and supplements may be helpful, although this will depend on the cause and a person's medical history.

* increasing fluid intake."(2)


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I would consult a physiotherapist.

Did you get this information from a doctor?

Is it only the right hand or on both hands?

Have you looked at a computer software that can convert your speech to text?

I am 74 my fingers on both hand do freeze up at times, unable to do any work for few hours!!

Even washing in hot or cold water do not help. The problem started when I did shift work, if I carry 4 mugs of tea two mugs on each hand, after giving the mugs of tea, it used take time for the fingers to get back to normal.

People who I worked with used to laugh!!!

One latest example, it I help in the kitchen, pealing carrots and then cutting, washing, my fingers can freeze up.

Would it be possible for you to explain your problem in detail. ?

Thank you.

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