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Can high sugar be controlled


Fbs 160 PBS 310 RBS 280

Can this be reversible in -65 yr old patient who won't take medication

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Is this person prepared to go for life style change and regular exercise?


Dear Ramyan

The blood sugar levels are very high..

Diabetes is a life style disorder... It can not be reversed....however it can be well managed with a combination of life style change , Diet / exercise and /or medicines ....and a Diabete can live a full life....

If neglected , persistent high blood sugar can create a lot of diabetic complications such as Nephropathy ( Kidney failure) , Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Cardio vascular ( Heart failure ) and Leg amputation....

Can you please give us some basic information about you so that we can guide you

(1) Age

(2) Body weight /BMI

(3) Since when you were diagnosed and your history of Hba1c....

(5) Past History of the blood sugar readings !

(4) Have you ever tested for your fasting blood insulin and or / C Peptide test ...

(5) your current diet and details of physical exercise !


Has your doctor talked about changing your diet/exercise routine? Did they say anything about medication for the blood sugars?

Please check out the website for DRWF’s free leaflets on Diet/Exercise. Also, please show the information to your doctor at the next appointment.

It is reversible with strict diet plan. LCHF and Exercise.

Diabets can never be cured but it can be controlled.

You have some good answeres above.

Check my answer to post

above about age --not to worry.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of assimilation of carb.carb is the culprit where carb is converted on suger which is not utilized properly by insuline.if you control carb,excercise properly to burn your suger and then with medine you can live longer without complications.

Ramyab , Yes. Its possible to control T2D with strict diet and exercise/physical activities. You need to live a disciplined life.

Yes, it is reversible if you switch to Ketogenic diet which basically means cutting your carbohydrates drastically and increasing fat and protein intake. If you are willing to do this then let me know and I can guide you further as I have reversed my own condition this way.

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