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safe range of hba1c


The rainbow shown on the top of this page for the group indicates some figures on top and bottom. Which is the optimum and safe range for someone who is 65 yrs and above?

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7% is acceptable provided you are following other parameters like body weight ,diet pattern, exercise etc

Blood glucose and HbA1c unit of measurement are different in different part of the world.

On top of page there are two different type of unit of measurement.!!

If you take 5 % to 7.0%, HbA1c average over 90 days, are in the green area therefore it is the best are of control.

If you look at blood glucose mmol/L up to 8.6 is in the good area.

There are comparison table available on the Internet.

At the end of the day, food and drinks intake control, watching out for hidden and free sugar couple with regular exercise can help you to manage your blood glucose levels.

As we age the blood glucose test number can change therefore you need to have a good conversation with your doctor!!

You body can tell you, how many times do you get up in the night to go to toilet?

Do you feel you want a drink at all times?

Can you see clearly?

Do you have any issues on your foot and toes?

What is your A1C -- last 3 or 4 times ? Do you check every three months ? Do you have any other conditions due to diabetes ?

what medicines are you taking currently ?

Are you retired ?

Do you follow LCHF diet ?

Do you excercise daily ?

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