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Members (61000), how are you all keeping under lockdown for COVID19?


It appears there may be new guidelines soon in UK. We have to take care and protect our family.

Any messages from religious communities?

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Is "Namaste" going to be the world’s greeting? No touching hands?

Very interesting video clip in English.

This boy who has given a lot more videos in English, even on COvID 19.


We are on a 21 day complete lockdown...

First few days, there was fear... the so called on line stores for whom I had all admiration for doing the door delivery of all essentials.... All of a sudden their system was not able to deliver due to overload.....

But, the so called kirana shops of our friendly neighborhood came to our rescue.......for meeting our daily needs...., the Govt. also exempted supply chain of daily essentials from the lockdown.....

Now, the fear has gone.... And we are ready to face another lockdown from 15th April after the end of the current one....

And for my country, we don't have a choice with 1300 million people.... lockdown seems to be helping us to flatten the curve......

An interesting talk on Corona virus given by a PhD person.

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