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CDC tells it's citizens- If you are more than 60 or having illness like Diabetes, better stay at home and keep adequate stock of medicines


To counter Corona virus attack, CDC advises people more than 60 or people with chronic illness such as diabetes to stay at home, keep stock of your medicines. Avoid going to Market, crowded places, avoid air travel, etc., etc..

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Thank you for this post, you are informing the members, I wonder how many will read it.

The place of worship, place of eating, we do not know what is happening in the kitchen, we all have to be careful. Hand washing, depending up on what you wear, we all have to clean up to the wrist.


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Govt of Italy Control plans:

From today onwards until Corona is under control, No Italy Citizens can travel in the city except travel to work or any medical reasons or any other emergency work......

Meaning you can not go to a mall, shopping , Restaurant, can not visit a theatre for seeing a movie, can not go to a park, can not move around....

I think it is required as the total no of infection cases gone up to 10,000.


This is very helpful, namaha. I have added it to the new Corona Virus topic. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

There was an announcement on the morning news today saying that there was a few more cases in VA./DC./MD. area. This brings the total amount of people so far to 7 in the 3 states put together. We still have 3 in my County, but I’m sure it will get the schools closed in the next few weeks.😩

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