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what are the supliments to bring down sugar levels as well as Hba1c levels.because i want to slowly taper down metformin which i am taking 1000mg per day.members opnion please.

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What is your HbA1C number?

What is your weekly food intake?

my Hba1c is 7.5 and very strict diet with minimum amount of carbohydrates,doing yoga,walking and going to gym.

If you can do carb counting!, this is the best way to lower blood glucose number and also giving more that 15 hours between evening meal and breakfast. This is one was of getting some stored glucose to work.

Low card high fat diet is one way of living a healthy life. In today's UK, Mail on line there is an article, please take a look.

1. Berberine

2 Bitter Melon

3 Cinnamon

In order of effectiveness.

Berberine with meals is said to work as well as Metformin. Do some research. Good Luck!

metformin 1gram a day is the safe minimum neeDed. to control sugar.concentrate on iet instead


If you want to use supplements then you need to get a proper consultation from professional who will recommend supplements only after going through your test reports... Consult diabetes diatetion near you and if you don't get any then let me know, my relative is a good consultant based on his suggested supplements my father's sugar levels are under control only pros is his suggested supplements are slightly priced on higher side..

Can you please give the details of your relative who can help me with the supliments. I really appreciate your help

Are you from India and please let me know your name.. I have asked him weather i can share his details over public domain.. Once he responds will share..

I am Nagu Shankar from Gandhibazaar Bangalore and aged 73years. My email

You need to send your details via chat!!! Then it is one to one.

The above information is from one to all members.

Have given your mail ID to him. He will write to you..

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