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Diabetes and Liver and Vitamin D

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Hb1Ac 6.8 Fasting sugar 117

SGOT-46 SGPT 74 Vitamin D 21

How bad is my situation?

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Did you get a full explanation on this blood test number (SGOT-46 SGPT 74)?

What are the reference levels and unit of measurement?

Again the same questions for (Hb1Ac 6.8 Fasting sugar 117)?

You need a fully medically qualified person to answer your questions. Different human have different blood test numbers and may need different dosage of mediation.!!


You have fair control on diabetic but not good control as A1C depicts. Max SGOT & SGPT should be 40 & 36 respectively.

As regards vitamin D ( I hope it’s D3) it should be between 30-100.

Now please analyse yourself where you need improvement.

In my opinion if you can bring down A1C to 6, other things will fall in place but for D3 you will have take some tablets or injections to boost same. Consult your Doctor. Natural way to get D3 is sunshine.

All the very best.


The link below gives information and Q&A :



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