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Reduced drug and awesome sugar level

Hi All,

i had regular health checkup by my doc yesterday.

fbs 95

pp 108

BP 130/80

wt 60 kg

age 29

Diet partially LCHF LOW CARB

Initially on galvusmet 50/500 1/2-0-1/2

Doc changed my medicine now

glycomet Sr 500 1-0-0

I asked Doc any chance to become drug free doc said wait for few more days.

Any comments from you people.

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results looks good. what was your a1c.? hope it is also satisfactory. keep up your diet regime.


Diabetes is a systemic disease.With drugs and low carb.food you may be able to maintain normal health, but medicine has to continue perhaps for life.


you switched from galvus to glycomet; did you cross-check with few Doctors on pros & cons of the switch that you were instructed for or any feedback provided by any physician? just curiosity for people on this platform; also, since how long or since when were you taking these medications? that U were detected as diabetic? possibly, it's working with me, I take regularly cow-urine of Patanjali Ayurved (Baba Ramdev's) and auto-urine therapy also works fantastic; self/auto-urine early morning, first discharge (the middle portion only) works on me and everything is normal, also brisk walking daily helps a lot; there are more genii/intelligent contributors on this platform, pls do share;


Dear Shankar,

What do you eat exactly.

Kindly explain...


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