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New to diabetes type 2


I am 76 yrs old and was a research scientist. I was non-diabetic till a year back with normal fbs and ppbs and HbA1C of 5.9 to 6.1 till then. But then this year, in the month of February, I was shocked to find that my fbs became 430 and ppbs 750 and HbA1C of 17.3. I was on insulin for about three weeks three times a day and after that I was put on tablets because I was responding well. After four months of treatment, I checked my blood sugar and my HbA1C has come down to 6.5 putting me in the category of good control of diabetes. Now, I am continuing my regimen of medicine, exercise and diet and seems like I am able to maintain that HbA1C.

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Welcome to the group, Srk1942. It is good to know that your T2D is well controlled.

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