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Insulin Plant

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Dear Sir

Going through the post and Q&A I found that hindi name for Insulin plant has been given as JARUL and as per my information ( which may be wrong as am no expert ) the leaves of both the plant look same and the only difference is in the taste. Jarul has grassy Taste whereas Insulin plant found in South India has sour taste and furthermore Jarul can create skin allergies too.

Please validate and let me also Know

Thanks and regards

Atul Kaul

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Please ask your doctor before you change your diet and medications to be on the safe side of things. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse.

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To my knowledge,at this point of time,there no way one can consume insulin orally because it gets digested by the system.I think it must be true in case it is available from plant sources also,of which I am doubtful.Research is going on to develop oral insulin pills,but w have to wait for it.I would say,let us not depend on this insulin plant.

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wrongan in reply to venkatg

It is the proven result of so many diabetics ,consuming these leaves in the early morning reduces glycemic levels.These are not equivalent to insulin or its substitute.

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suramoStar in reply to venkatg

We are not insulin deficient as t2d. But IR. So insulin in any form is not recommended because it will raise ir, increase weight and add to more D complications. It's better, logical and wise to follow lchf principles.

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