Insulin Plant Picture

Insulin Plant Picture

Regarding Insulin plant I had clarified with an Aayurveda doctor. He said "this is not a plant/herb of Indian origin & so there are no details available in our shaastra (science) literature (scriptures) & so we (Aayurveda practitioners) do not prescribe or administer any part or preparation of Insulin plant to patients."

I have the plant with me but could not use or test it because before getting it, my blood sugar was normal with LWMDR. I have not destroyed the plants completely, due to curiosity or fancy :-) . Occasionally pull out few ones to keep the bush not grow to a forest :-) ; it requires no attention than watering.

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  • George can I have your contact number please need to talk


    shaheen naqsh

  • Naqsh please give your number; I will call you.


  • Dear George,

    Can u pls give me yr email id or send yr test message on since I need to discuss abt my diabetees effects.....


  • Dear Mr. George,

    I am diabetic since last 14 yrs.

    Age (male) : 62 years

    Fasting sugar : 128, PP level : 358

    BP is almost normal

    There is numb sensation in my toes and also in the side fingers of both my feet.

    Tingling like feeling, on my left arm when I sleep, for which I am deeply concerned.

    I want to get off the insulin injections which I am taking twice a day. So pls suggest some medicine which will be helpful.

    Tks n best regards

  • I could & would suggest only LWMDR in addition to the medication you follow.

  • Hi shooterGeorge, I got my 25 kg long wheat. Some confusions, can i have normal wheat roti or bread for lunch or should i only eat the mash until cured. how about meats and nuts. This is my understanding that I should only eat the mash in the morning and night along with vegetables cooked in low fat. No fruits or other carbs. But not about how on some other posts the posters are talking about lunch being roti or sandwich and only supper and breakfast with the long wheat mash. I'm planning to start it soon and want to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks

  • Hi ...shy,

    I have answered the older one today; hope you will see that. From tab things are more cumbersome.

  • thanks.

  • Hi Mr George, I would like to follow LWMDR under your guidance. Please suggest how to go about it. I started on last Monday. Started taking 65gms of LWM along with cooked vegetables mixed in it.

  • Hi yvjanard,

    Please give your FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS & HbA1c results. Tell when was your diabetes noticed. Also tell age, height, weight, medicines & dosages, details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a clear picture of your state for me to give you some specific advice.

    Also keep reporting as frequently as possible.

  • 26feb2014 - fbs: 113; ppbs: 197; hba1c: 6.2; uric acid: 6.34.

    Diabetes is noticed 8.5 years ago. age: 49; height: 5'7"; weight: 66;

    medicine: metformin 250mg 1 tablet after lunch and 1 after dinner. Using telmisartan for high bp. eltroxin for thyroid.

    food details: breakfast: 70gm boiled long wheat along with vegetables; lunch ragi sangati (boiled finger mellet), rice, with curries, curd, sambar once in a while; dinner is same as breakfast.

    17th march 2014 - started lwmdr.

    18march 2014 - done ppbs and it is 72, 2hrs 15 minutes after breakfast. ppbs=62 when checked 4 hrs after lunch.

    prior to following lwmdr: 3 tablets 250mg metformin each after every meal.

    prior to 26feb2014 (last tests done) - 250mg metformin 1 each after breakfast and dinner.

    since feeling weekness by 12noon after starting lwmdr, dropped taking tablet after breakfast.

    first 4 days, had boiled long wheat as is. next 4days broken lonwheat at home and boiled and had. now for the last couple of days having long wheat without breaking it as i felt, taking it without breaking it has better effect.

    (yvjanard at gmail)

  • Hi yvjanard,

    Please continue as it is; it will take a few weeks to see some stable improvement. Please do not make quick alterations, unless very pressing need is there.


  • 62 ? Is you meter working properly ?didn't you fill hypoglycemic? Because diabetic patients feel uncomfortable when there is so much drop within 20 days

  • Yes, I felt low sugar. It is done in Manipal Clinic with regular method not by meter. I suspected the 72 reading itself, then got it repeated in the clinic. Manipal clinic is a big and popular place for well equipped lab.

  • Quick drop in blood glucose will cause discomfort even if it is within "normal" range, sometimes. Body must be given time to cope up with the change.

  • 1 month after I started this regime, my readings are 91.4 and 107.7 for fbs and 2 hr ppbs. 1 day after I started the regime, 2hr 15m ppbs was 72.

  • That's excellent, but is it due to carb control or insulin?

  • I am not using insulin. I reduced medicine from 750mg (250+250+250) to 500mgSR (0+500+0) after I started the regime. Stopped junk food after I started this. Definitely reduced Carbs intake substantially after starting this regime. Breakfast used to be much higher carb before. In between, used to have snacks that also contributed for more carbs in the past.

  • If levels are persisting for 2 weeks then cut the MF-SR dose to once a day and 2 weeks after that to zero. CARBS control is the key. Adding good fat to diet will make things more better but i know you still aren't ready to go all out for FAT. Snacks you can switch to nuts (No cashew and pista)

  • For the last one month, I have been on 1 tablet 500mgSR metformin. I take it after lunch. If better levels are maintained for another month, planning to reduce it from 500SR per day to 250mg per day.

  • If these levels are for one month on 500mg then it can safely be reduced to 250. MF levels in system on dose change reflect in 2 weeks or so. You are well past that time period.

  • Maintain status-qua till BS go below 80mg/dl; then only (but before crossing 75) reduce medicine & kindly report.

  • Thank you. It is quite appropriate. I will do that.

  • That is the way LWMDR worked in me, Mr.yvjanard.

  • You are right; quick drop in blood glucose will cause discomfort even if it is within "normal" range, sometimes. Body must be given time to cope up with the change.

  • Its a high carb diet from what i can see. Basically if you don't break even normal wheat you may have same result. The particle size also matters.

  • It was LWM in the morning. 72 is 2.15hrs after that. 62 is 4 hrs after regular high carb (rice, finger millet, curries, curd etc - full meal). That was 2nd day only after starting the lwm.

    By the way, pls advise, if there is any benefit of using toned milk over full cream milk mostly for curds and occasionally for tea/coffee.

  • Go for full fat milk.

  • Yes i hate toned, double toned, skimmed version. Such milk is not even good for pets, we are humans. Ever since this toned, skimmed, low fat milk nonsense came into picture, the avg milk consumption in America has dropped to 0.6 glass per day from a high of around 1 before 70's. Dean Foods, an American fluid milk company is clueless about how to increase milk consumption and closing plants one after another.

    Full fat milk is the way forward.

  • :)

  • Dr. William Davis (who is against wheat) has tested emmer wheat with modern wheat. He found that emmer caused spike up to 110 from 84 but modern wheat caused spike of 167 from 84.

  • Modern wheat is a perfect poison --

  • Hi George Are you available these days

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