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Fbs and pp readings

Hi all respected members , please comment /guide.

After almost 3 months i took bs reading by glucometer.

Fbs 104 yesterday i cheated my diet taking fried snacks and sweet made by maida,ghee,rawa etc[ homemade] in a little quantity earlier in july 16 it was 75-90.

After 1 hour, first bite of breakfast [ 1egg omlet,half thin chapati,10gm slice of Amul cheese . pp was 118 and 2 hours 114. A1c on 24sept. 5.7.

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Not enough information.

We don't know your history.

What is your typical diet and how much of your diet is carbohydrate/sugar?

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Thanks Mike, Age 71+, height 165cms,weight 80kg DM2 since 18yrs.

Diet 2 thin chapati[made of wheat flour ] in a day divided in to 3 times breakfast ,Lunch , Dinner . In breakfast half chapati+1egg omlet+10gm amul cheese slice ,Lunch half chapati+half katori vegetable mostly of cabbage ,coliflower,green vegetable etc Dinner 1chapati+Dal+vegetable half katori each, try to keep carbohydrates less than 100mg per day .7-8 glass water, No sugar and sugar free.

Medicine 1tablet Amaryl m Forte1mg 1 daily before half hour of breakfast . This much information will be sufficient .please comment /guide

Ramesh Rao



What does your Endocrinologist want your blood sugars to be between (100-200 mg/dL)? Are you type 1 or type 2?


Hi Thanks , I am Type 2 for last 18yrs Taking Amaryl m Forte1mg half hour before breakfast one in a day . I wish to control diabetic by change in diet minimizing carbohydrates without medicine .

Ramesh Rao



You have to find out the status of your D.


Excellent.Please keep it up. and enjoy life.


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