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Alcohol and Diabetes

Hi... I have been recently diagnosed with T2 diabetes and I'm 36 years old. Currently i'm on 1/2 metformin and 1/2 amaryl. My sugars are completely under control. I'm not a regular drinker but I used to binge drink once in three or four months. I haven't had alcohol since diagnosis and I'm being told I can't have alcohol anymore and even if I did maximum of 60 ml. Is this true

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Alcohol and diabetes do not go together.Soon after consumption,alcohol spikes the sugar level very quickly and then sugar level falls precariously.Thereafter,the person may suffer dehydration.All these developments are definitely not good for diabetics because all their diabetes management efforts will go haywire.You have also to contend with all the useless calories you are adding o your system,by wayo alcohol


Drinking alcohol in small amount raises blood sugar whereas in large quantity lowers blood sugar to a level that may be fatal.

That's because lever treats alcohol as toxic substance and puts it's all efforts in removing alcohol from blood stream.

Always check blood sugar before and after having alcohol.

Always eat something whenever you drinking. Never drink empty stomach.

It's ok to have drink once in a week.

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