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Sugar & BP


Hello everyone. Here are the results for both blood pressure and blood sugar. They are:

1. pp sugar after break fast: 193

2. BP:165/78 maximum: 175/82

The medications I'm taking are:

1. Metaride-1 0-------0 (Bd)

2. Telma 40 ----0 (od)

3. Metolar-50 -----0 (od)

4. Ecosprin Av 75. ---0 (od)

5. Voglibos-0.3 ----0 (od)

Note: Desi dava half tea spoon with curd early morning.

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Have you talked to your doctor about the high top numbers for the blood pressure reading(s)? Please call the doctor and request to have an appointment in the next few days. Please let us know what you find out. :-)

Hi Billy,

1. What is your fasting level?

2. What did you have for breakfast?

Billy58 in reply to Manohar2010

110-120 fasting leval

2 stuffed parantha or simple parantha and 1 cup tea without sugar


brown bread with eggs ...heavy breakfast daily

Lunch ..2 chapati with green vegitable and salad

Dinner... half katori rice and dal


2 chapati with dal and salad

Night ..milk 1 cup

Early morning ...half table spoon desi dava with curd half katori just start for a weak ...

Hi Billy,

A fasting level of 110-120 is not bad. The PP spike to 193(73-83pts jump) can be attributed to carbohydrate consumption of parathas. May I suggest you try this for 1-2 days and measure the difference.

1. Measure Fasting

2. Same day Avoid carbohydrate consumption for just breakfast. Avoid any fruits as well which are carbohydrates. Instead, have 2 eggs boiled or poached/fried and have some curd with it.

3. Take a 2 hour PP after breakfast.

If the spike is less than 10-20 points we can say that a carbohydrate-restricted diet may be best for you to control blood sugar. Please report back your numbers for the benefit of the community.

We will address the Blood Pressure aspect separately as a comorbid condition.


Billy58 in reply to Manohar2010

Ok and thnx

Manohar2010 in reply to Billy58

Hi Billy, Eager to know the results if you tried the above.


Cut down the breakfast or have just 2 boiled eggs.

Avoid rice and cow milk. Many people are intolerant to casein and lactose found in the milk. Whenever I was drinking milk ,i was feeling mild headache,blurry vision and increased breath.A single cup of milk was responsible for increasing my sugar level by about 75-100 every time. I was late to understand this. Thereafter i didn't touched to milk ever. Take curds in small amount or have paneer or tofu instead.

Soak soybeans and chickpeas overnight,grind and mix it with wheat flour for making chapatis.

Sleep as early as possible because sleeplessness increases stress ,which is a cause of high BP.

Do some cardio exercises.

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