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Today check sugar and Bp

Pp ...111

After break fast 183

Bp 150-80

I am 58 year old men.

Weight 81.880

Height 5'.8"

2 time daily walk ..30 minutes

Medicine :

1. Metaride 1 0----0. (Sugar)

2. Telma 40 ----0 (BP)

3. Metalor 50 ----0 (BP) dadkan

4. Ecosprin av75 ----0 (BP) blood thin

Last 10 year patient

Homopathic treatment ...2 months

Ayurvedic treaments ....1 month

Last weak start desi dava ...good response

Fasting 123 ...111

sugar pp 198....183

With alopathic same

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Your awareness and diabetes management efforts seem to be good.But,you are overweight by few kilos.Workout your BMI and then plan to reduce your weight so as to be well within safe limit.Reducing weight even,say,4 to 5 kilos may work wonders for you.That will be good for improving your BP also which is slightly higher than reference range of 140(as per my knowledge)

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I know 77kg weight is correct in my height and age .

I promise reduce wt asap

Thnx for suggestion .


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Start jogging instead of walking.

Sugar seems to be more after breakfast.

So try to avoid breakfast for some days if possible.




Loose body weight by 2 kg per month after six month you will be able to fully control your sugar level try it

It works for every diabetic




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