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Does the fluctuations of Sugar Levels in very few days cause urine infecction?

I met with an accident and because of mental stress my sugar levels went high, doctors prescribed 'SEMI RECLIMENT' in addition to my regular sugar tablet ' Metadoze'. The immediate effect the sugard levels are are '79' in fasting and '119' after food.

Finally after some days I suffered from urine infection. Does the urine infection is common for a diabetic.

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When I felt the urine infection, at that time the sugar level was 301,(Offcourse I had Cranberry Juice and sweet lassi) assuming it might have been due body heat.


If a diabetic is having sugar in urine he is susceptible to urinary tract infection because sugar acts as a medium for bacterial growth.Otherwise,if sugar is not found in urine,the chances for an infection are same as non-diabetics.


Thank you Venkat. I dont have sugar in Urine.



Urine infection is not common for diabetics and I am suffuring from the same problem for over two decades and never faced urine infection so far. Take more water and urine infection can come down. Sometimes, urine infection is a syptom of kidney malfunction also. So, beware!


Not urinal infection means urine is infected.It may also be urinal passage that is infected. This condition is common when a diabetes' urine discharges sugar through urine, wherein such bad deposits accumulate at the exit point and cause infection. Cleaning the passages daily may prevent such infections.


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