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Peripheral neuropathy

I am V Susheela 65 years old feet 6 inches and 70kilos.longtime diabetic.under insulin and medication.20R 30N (huminsulin 100u/ml) before breakfast 16R before lunchand 20R 30N before supper. Fastingsugar 120/+_ and PP 250+orminus. HBA1C 8.5 LATEST In addition I am also taking gliclazide 60 inthe morning and 30 in the night . I also take sitagliptin 50 after lunch.

My most worrying problem is neuropathy_ pain burning sensation_ day and night unbearable and severe. I have been suffering fore more than 15 years. I tried various OTC pain killers, gabapentin, neurobion , renerve plus injections lyrica 150 all under doctors advice. Recently when I took lyrica150and overon inj for two days I developed acute kidney problem and had to undergo dialysis four times.Now I am okay.

But I am still suffering from neuropathic painand life has become unbearable. I seek your valuable guidance

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Yours is a typical experience faced by most diabetics.Problem gets more and more acute as age advances.Usual advice is to keep sugar levels under control.My experience is,even if you control sugar levels,these problems are bound to manifest because old age makes one weaker and less resilient.I also take some medicines like you but got no relief.I apply Diafoot cream on the feet every night and get relief from burning sensation on the feet.I cannot sleep without the cream.On the legs also,I get burning pain,for which I apply coconut oil or moisturising lotion lightly and get relief.These suggestions were given by dermatologists.


Yours is a case of uncontrolled diabetes even with medication + neuropathy + nephropathy ?. First of all consult a good endocrinologist and get your blood sugar under control . Acupressure might be of some help in neuropathy.


You have not furnished your height correctly. Please reduce your weight if it is above normal.

First of all, you find it difficult to control your blood sugar level.

Check your blood sugar level (FBS or PPBS) daily and avoid the foods that cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Diet and exercise plays a bigger role in lowering your blood sugar levels. Medicines lower your blood sugar levels only up to 50%.

Nerves including brain, heart muscles, kidney and liver are specialized tissues. Once it is damaged, it is damaged for ever. The medical treatment is aimed to prevent further damage. Neurotic pain is due to the fact that the nerves are not getting enough oxygen and nourishment due to reduced circulation of blood.

Pregabalin (generic name) Lyrica (brand name) is used to relieve neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerves) that can occur in your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, or toes if you have diabetes. But it has several side effects.

Neurobion forte is also used for diabetic neuropathy.










Height is 5 feet 6.5 inches


Your body mass index is 24.5 and it is normal.


Eyes heart checked only age related changes. Kidney problem resolved to a certain extent.

Could you suggest any foot cream or ointment to relieve pain and burning sensation.The doctors are against taking pain killers or gabapenton or lyrica.




Yes anup. He has to address to the basic issue. A case of grossly mismanaged D.

My dear friend this once again proves that only diet can help. Obviously a case of type 2 D.

Pain is caused by demyelination of nerve fibres. Nothing will help unless bs is controlled.

Take high doses of vit b12. No harm from high doses b12 because of water solubility.

But only way out for you is lchf / keto range of diet. Because exercise also difficult because of age and more so because of pain.

But take precaution to reduce insulin and drug dosages if you try lchf diet.

Gud luk.


Hi, why don't you try tab neurobion forte? ALA may also help in peripheral neuropathy. Other than this walk. This improves blood circulation n may lessen the symptoms. Massage your feet. Basically these things will help:

1. Lowering blood sugar.

2. Improved blood circulation.

3. Supplements to support nerve health.



Thank you. I will follow what is said


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