peripheral neuropathy

is there any homeopathic medicine for the deadened sensation in the feet . I believe the sensation is present even with other factors apart from type 2 diabetes.Numb feet , burning feet, pricked feet are all the results of neuropathy . I would like to know the medicine for the same .


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  • I also have the similar issue and had taken homeopathy medicine. If you are in Bangalore I can provide Doctor's detail.

  • i have the neuropathy in feet and I am in bangalore kindly send me the address of homeo dr

  • Kiran Homeo Clinic , LIC Colony, Thipsandra, Bangalore

  • U have not specified your age. However if u r 50+ than for burning feet stop taking pulses immediately and take selected veg diet only . Start doing minor foot exercises. U will definitely feel change and relief. It will be better if u go for naturopathy for your diabetes and other problems. U will definitely be a happy person after treatment as per my experience.

  • pl guide which pulses & how much one should consume.

  • Hi MPShri:

    I am more than 60.

    I have been taking sprouts on regular basis to over come the shortfall (partly due to LCHF) in intake of other items.

    Would that be an issue.

    I am going through numbness in 3 fingers in my right hand.

    Doctor said it could be due to Corp tunnel syndrome or may be due to Spondolytis......

    If you think Sprouts may also be a reason, I want to stop that.

    I am a regular consumer of Sprouts (I prepare the sprouts and store them refregirated).

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated sir.


  • Pricking in the feet can be due to Vitamin B deficiency. Check with your doctor.

  • Dear friend ,

    Thank you very much for the reply . But how do pulses affect the numbness or burning sensation . But this is a genuine doubt . However I do stop taking of pulses . Even then I request any one to suggest a homeopathic remedy for the problem .

  • Dear sirs, I also suffering from severe neuropathy,you says it is b-12 deficiency, please tell me how to over come this B-12 dificiency.If you know write way please mention in this site or mail me.



  • Thank you very much. Do they give medicine or insist on treating them selves because many times doctors refuse to sell medicine . They would like to treat themselves.

  • thank you

  • Treatment of peripheral neuropathy will depend on what has caused it. If diabetes with uncontrolled sugar is the reason then nothing will help except BS control. For B12 deficiency B12 supplement is necessary.

  • I am also suffering with the same problem taking B12 with other combination regularly but not getting total relief will you plz give me the address of the Homoeo shop in Hyd

  • What's your FBS/PPBS/A1C/LIPIDS/Drugs/Diet?

  • I have the same issue and looking for a good homeopathic medicine since I have tried allopathy for a long time and not getting satisfied.

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