BSL high sometimes after lunch

Hi, i am facing issues sometimes, when i have lunch my PP goes to 150 mg/dl. This happens only sometimes.

My fasting blood sugar levels is in the range of 100 to 120 mg/dl

A1C is 5.37

Not sure what's the issue


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  • Your A1c is great.150 after lunch is also acceptable. In my view, random sugar level in blood plasma is acceptable up to 160.

  • Hello my friend -- 150 mg / dL is NOT bad -- need to monitor more frequently - for two weeks -- to establish a pattern. Also write down exactly what you eat and how much.. get a measuring cop and scale to weigh - small portions --- then estimate carbs ( grams ) in

    each food you eat and total carb for that meal -

    If you get over 180 mg / dL -- even for few days a week - is NOT good.

    IF possible-- may NOT be available in India --try to get a " GlycoMark" - blood test.

    I have similar problem - for last two months -- mine gets up to 260 to 280 mg / dL.

    I went to see a diabetes specialist - Endocrinologist -- still working on it.

    For some people-- after a while- 10 to 15 - even 20 years later - Metformin does NOT work as good as it used to. Also - insulin resistance increases -- and some other hormonal

    changes affects metabolism and keeps sugar high.

    You may want to see a specialist -- before you go - make sure to write down readings and

    what you eat for two weeks.

  • What's that telling you ? LESS carbs for dinner ?

  • I only have 2 small chapati .. 25 gram each

  • Changing to gram/chickpea flour may help by slowing the conversion to blood glucose, or you may need smaller portions because of your carbohydrate intolerance.

  • Change your glucomètre

  • Contour Ts is the best glucometer

  • Eliminate dairy products from your wonders.

  • Even though all dairy products are low-glycaemic foods, reduced fat dairy such as (semi) skimmed milk demands high levels of insulin that are a primary cause of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Full-fat dairy however isn't harmful, unless you are lactose intolerant.

  • well how about IGF in milk??? Does that have some effect on BS??

  • same problem was with me... my FBS is around 90.... but after dinner i use to cross 140 mark..

    two chapattis means 50 Gms.... may be that is cause.... i reduced carbs and now in line....

  • Am now on primarily fruit 400 gm and vegetable raw diet.pp bs is 135 after 90 mts and feeling great.Dairy seems to be the villain

  • There is no magic food out there. No magic test ,meter. I have been diagnosed T1 since 1963. Can you imagine 4 injections a day since being 3 ? T2 should be a different disease. You musts be eating or doing something. If people sit down & do nothing what do you expect ? Don't sit still to long. Its like a car if you don't give it a run now & again it will stop. Flat battery seized engine.

  • You r on the way to become type 2 diabetic very soon

    If u want to avoid change your life style and start gym take lite dinner

    Run walk change diet


  • I was diagnosed with type 2 diebetes since Feb 17. My A1C was 14 at that time, now it is 5.37

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