Which is the best and accurate meter ,,

Hi ,all I m looking for good meter ,,right now I have accu check active ,,I think it gives 10 to 15 dl Extra and if u check same time with the second strip it will give less ,,result some times more ,,getting confused ,🤔


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  • blood sugar in the blood changes every minute.It is not constant and fluctuates all the time.

  • In few seconds too

  • Bayer's Contour ts is the best glucometer for accurate blood sugar readings

  • Is it on amazon?

  • Unless it as is too old,stick to the meter you are having.Meter readings are not useful for any clinical purpose.They just indicate the general trend of BS levels so that you may tighten your efforts ,i needed

  • Sorry - Do NOT agree -- It is BEST tool to control ppb and avoid complications of diabetes. IF you monitor frequently and use data to your benefit ...

  • Point I made did not indicate that they are use less.I have been using them or more than a decade.But I used them to establish the trends and no doctor so far has has used their reading or clinical purposes.They do study the readings at the quarterly check ups but their decisions are base on HbA1c ,fbs and ppbs on that day.

  • ramana42 -- NOT true - generally yes- but for some people - if it is not controlled -- -- doctors use readings - to change prescription.

    For example in my case -- last A1C was 7.2 -- however - I was getting high ppb - two hours after lunch .. . many days even I don't eat lunch ..

    so my doctor ask me to monitor for 30 days.. BS - in morning ( fasting) and two hours after each meal--then doctor changed prescription.

    Yes- Doctors use A1C most time-- however --I do like another test -

    " GLYCOMARK : -- which is NOT available in India -- even in USA - some

    insurance does not pay for -- I have done it before --

  • None of the meter is accurate by design. Rather than looking for accurate readings you should look for BS trends.

  • What is purpose of checking BS ? How much accuracy do you need ? What is significance of 10 to 15 mg/dL ? -- in compare to ppb of 180 to 240 --for example.

    If any one is monitoring - frequently - 3 to 5 times a day -- Consider cost of strips -

    as opposed to meter. In USA meter is provided FREE by manufacturers - so they can sell more strips...

    I like one from WalMart - ReliOne meter - strips are very cheap.

    My insurance only allows 100 strips per month .. and I use lot more than that.

  • Significance is ,,like I get 150 and know few seconds 120 ,,so I prefer 120 but may be accurate is 150 ,,120 is in range but 150 is not

  • What does your doctor want your numbers to be on a daily basis?

  • Looks like some problem with meter or strips.

    Talk to Accu Check support center.

  • I donot mind buying and spending on strips ,,my priorities are clear ,,

  • anshuahana -- What is your A1C ?

    How often do you check BS - after meal ? How many days per week ?

    Another way -is to have two friends with diabetes - who has glucometer -

    and take blood same time and use three strips- three meters and check BS -

    so you can compare yours with other two....

    Also- - most meter comes with Calibration Solution ( kit) - try to calibrate and confirm the accuracy.

    Do NOT worry too much. Follow LCHF diet and more exercise --

    then get A1C done every three months -- you will be fine

  • Dear All: The drop has to come out smoothly. If pressed hard the interstitial fluid also leaks out giving a lower reading. So its advisable to get a fresh prick in case u want it checked again. Normal variation i have seen is around 5mgdl... which is ok.

    If the drop is obtained after pressing the finger hard then a lower reading is seen

    So to reiterate again.. a gentle squeeze is needed to get a good drop.

    If not then prick again on a different finger

  • Excellent advice, thanks shashikantiyengar. I've never known the reason of getting lower reading due to the leakage of interstitial fluids. This happens many times with me which I end up redo few more times and I normally get a variation of BSL readings.

  • Dear Anshu,

    I guess you are getting 10 to 15 dl extra when compared with your Laboratory test Results. If so, nothing to worry about accuracy of your Glucometer. This is because the Blood tested in Lab is taken from veins whereas the blood test by Glucometer is from Capillary. And hence Glucometer reading is always more by about 10 to 15 units. You may even try Glucometer of ABBOTT; but frankly NO NEED to spend as it too will give you similar results.

    i had explained this earlier too. I have done checking of both Blood test results at least on 10 to 12 occasions before drawing above conclusions. SO DEAR NOTHING TO WORRY about. Yet if you do wish , you can try with glucometer of ABBOTT. Should you need any further clarifications, you may write to me at [ anildhekne@gmail.com ].


  • Thank you ,,

  • We can't depend only on glucometers.. it's only for our regular monitoring purposes. Always it varies with th blood test given in lab. As dr.s know that there will be differences they will calculate. Maximum 10-15 units difference will be there with glucometers. However you need to take the Hba1c test for every 3 mnths or 6mnths which will give you the on an average readings of 3 mnths used to maintain regular blood sugars on correct readings- below 7 Hba1c is good if it's under 6.5 its very good control in long run it gives you a very healthy life ahead

  • Multiply by factor1.12 with your glucose meter readings,you will get Plasma like blood readings,these should be the readings of your laboratory.


  • The problem is that you are comparing the capillary whole blood with venous blood plasma. The capillary blood values will be naturally higher again the range of error for the glucometers are more than those of colorimeters used in laboratories which are more accurate.

  • I think that One Touch Ultra is the best now available in the Indian Market.



  • Yes I agree that One touch ultra is a good meter, but the strips are costly.

  • Dear all

    The recurring cost in important along with fairly good accuracy

    I found that accuchek performa nano to be quiet accurate. Available in ebay.in for Rs 900 now.

    Also the cost of strips varies from Rs950 to Rs1000 per 100 strips in ebay.

    I have been using this for last 1.5 years

    Of course... no warranty for the meter... but its low cost.. so can be disposed off

    But the saving is in the cost per test...

    If u can find a good distributor in your local town can get it at Rs 850 for 100 strips also provided u bargain well.

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