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Which herbal formulation is best?


I am a diabetic and want to controlI want my glucose level using herbal formulation. I find there are many options- Diabecon from Himalaya, Madhunashini vati from Ramdevbaba, Madhurakshak- Dabur, BGR 34. Which of these gives good results? Any other better option?

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I am using BGR 34. It has to be taken in addition of your present medication. As regards effect I feel that it has lowered my BS level marginal by 15 to 20 points. HBA1C has slightly come down from 7.3 to 7.1.

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How do you say that bgr 34 has lowered your bs when you are taking other medicines too?

None of the herbal/ayurvedic/sidda remedies will bring down the sugar levels. At best, some if these have beneficial effects on our organs. But one has to look into formulations that have gone through proper trials on humans.

However, I have found mixture of juices of methi + bottle guard + ginger helps in bringing the lipids well under control and the linked good side effect of decent drop in sugar levels. This certainly should be exercised along with diet control or diet regimen as discussed repeatedly in this forum and physical work outs.

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are you not taking any medicines to control your bs ?



Non of this herbal/AYURVEDIC will work I have tried all of these.

Mr Suramo

I was taking the same medicines earlier before starting BGR 34 and my BS fasting level was genearly 130 to 170 after starting BGR 34 it is 110 to 135 which I presume is due to BGR 34. I may be incorrect also. You have to see yourself after using it

Bittergourd jucie, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Morning on empty stomach, no solid food for 45 minutes, 1 teaspoon before lunch and bedtimes.

I am using bgr 34 for last 3 months. My HBA1C level is down from 7.5 to 6.4. I have stopped taking metformin and tenegliptin 40 days before. PP sugar in gluco meter after 2 hours is 135. Fasting sugar is 105. Would recommend everyone to try this


'हितभुक्'=हितकर भोजन ,'मितभुक्'=अल्प भोजन ,'रितभुक्' = ऋतु के अनुसार आहार is the best Ayurveda formula...

Besides this you may try many herbs....plz try your self and find out what is suitable for you....

But diet is first... without diet.....even 'Amrut' is useless....

Yeah there is one IME 9 of Kudos good, using it. You can try apple cider vinegar one table spoon in the morning in one glass of water.

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