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How accurate is your Glucose meter?

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If you have taken your blood sugar twice or three times in a row without any delay in between tests, then you have probably noticed that you don't get the same exact number each time. That does not mean your meter is not operating correctly, but it does, though reflect the variance that is built in to each meter.

Within the medical community, home glucose meters are clinically accurate if the result is with in 20% of what a lab test indicates. For example, if your glucose meter result was 100 mg/dl, then it could vary on a downside to 80 mg/dl or on the up side to 120 mg/dl and still be considered clinically accurate.

Y0ur glucose meters measures blood differently than a lab.

All blood glucose meters use whole blood to measure glucose. Whole blood is simply a blood sample that contains the red blood cells. In a lab glucose test, only the plasma portion of the blood is used to measure glucose levels, so the red blood cells are removed. Whole blood glucose tests are app. 12 percent lower than the plasma results. But, there is a way to compare the lab results with your meter. Before you do that, you should know your meter. is-your-glucose-meter

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I have been using meters since several years,always with an understanding that the reading are not that accurate as compared to a lab test.But it has been very helpful and many times I have moderated my efforts to control sugar levels.They are particularly useful when trying out new diet plans.

Very useful post.

I have done lab tests 6 times till date and my glucometer Contour ts is 99% accurate.

Glucometer is actually testing capillary blood. Glucose levels in plasma (one of the components of blood) are generally 10%–15% higher than glucose measurements in whole blood (and even more after eating). This is important because home blood glucose meters measure the glucose in whole blood while most lab tests measure the glucose in plasma. Currently, there are many meters on the market that give results as "plasma equivalent," even though they are measuring whole blood glucose. The plasma equivalent is calculated from the whole blood glucose reading using an equation built into the glucose meter. This allows patients to easily compare their glucose measurements in a lab test and at home. It is important for patients and their health care providers to know whether the meter gives its results as "whole blood equivalent" or "plasma equivalent."

The post is for the person who wanted to know the accuracy of glucose meter,and not for Champak045,as he is more genius than any other person.

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