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Tell me something apart from metformin,diet & excercise


Hi my name is peter . Male South African of middle age & also an HR manager. Im interested in knowing alternative effective treatments of type II diabetes. Especially herbs other forms. I've heared enough of diet, exercise and metformin.

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Generally doctors say it should be below 7 ,,for diabetes,🤔

I have seen so many claims in this forum about herbs and plants that may lower blood sugar but they all have some adverse effects for long term use or having interactions with individual's medications. Taking some medicine to lower BSL is an easy way with acceptable outcomes but a person still require to maintain healthy lifestyle though. Having said that, many members on this forum are able to control their BSL merely with their proper and preferable diet and of course a regular exercise. There is no magic here brother. We all are different and we should decide what is best for our own health and well-being. Good luck.

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You make a good point. Not everyone or everything is the same, so not everything will work the same for different people. People need to check with their doctors if they want to change a medication or start a new type of diet plan.

Lots of people THINK there is a magic cure for T2. I have two of my very good friends off there T2 meds. Exercise & reducing carbs IS the answer. Good luck

Counting Carbs and reducing them is very difficult. My doctor in Chennai advised me to go Rice free ( grain free) and try IF. It really had effect. In one month Book sugar levels came down 230/ 270 to 120/140. Also lost 4 kg weight. Pants got loose fitting & that is a problem.

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Hi. Pants got loose fitting & that is a problem. Funny. Buy a new pair every month an budget it in your diabetes cure. Hehehe.

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