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OMAD Diet - Lowered A1C from 6.1 to 5.3


I following ONE MEAL A DAY for last 6 months and successfully brought down my A1C from 6.1 to 5.3 in a 3-4 months with much of control on CARB ..

I following One meal a day around 5-7 PM.

Now I feeling much energetic though out the day and my BG Levels never goes above 100 at any given time except brief 1-2 hours after food which it max can touch 150 -160's ( which used to be 180's before OAMD ,even for decent carb intake ).

My Meal Plan Goes likes


1. 2-3 Heavily Ghee maid Multigrain CHAPATHY ( 30 % Soya,30% Wheat 40% and 30% Rest of pulses and other grains

2. One Fruit Slices ( Papapya / Mango / etc )

3. Brown Rice / MIllet Rice / White Rice ( On Alternate days) with Veg Sambar - One Bowl

4. Curd + salads


1. Goes with Any Veg Thalis + panner items + veg salads .

any suggestion for improvement

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It all depends on how low do you want your HbA1C is?

Enjoy one life!

Not concerned about A1C.. want to improve on food options for vegetarians and calorie intake with out compromising


What is your daily routine?Job or business etc,.I am asking because ,suppose you are doing a 9 to 5 job involving daily commute etc,needs some energy.

The body provides energy. Eating involves replenishing what has been used, that is why many people are eating way at odds with what they need.

Glycogen stores are small because it is only necessary for intense activities. Mike Mentzer stressed that the more intense an activity, the less time we can engage in that activity.

Most of our daily activities are fuelled by fat; ingested and/or body-fat. The further we eat from this ideal, the more susceptible to illness we are.

ramana42Volunteer in reply to StillConcerned

Very true.I was trying to figure out whether a working person can manage with one meal a day i e about 1000 cals.

Working in software industry . Almost no physical activity .

ramana42Volunteer in reply to healthwisehappy

Please open the link below and try to correlate with what you are doing,

Its coming around 1100 cal /day .. and as some one suggested my intake is around 800 . want to add another 300 cal . Any Suggestion on GOOD HIGH CALORIE Food

ramana42Volunteer in reply to healthwisehappy

You have to workout the BMR first and then add some more calories to meet the total metabolic rate.1100 cals to meet BMR appears to be on lower side.Nuts like almonds,walnuts,dairy products like cheese are good sources of calories,but you have to eat lot of vegetables and greens so that you will get lot of fiber and other essential nutrients.Why not consult an experienced dietician?

Thne why we eat -- even one meal a day is too much - right ??no need to eat anything

As stated above, we eat to replenish what we've used, so we don't become deficient or exhaust reserves.

However, fasting has enjoyed a revival recently, because some people fare better not eating anything than eating drastically restricted calories that provokes the metabolism to slow.

but if body is producing energy--w e dont need to feed children or as child - let nature take care itself -- with body fat ..why eat and get fat and then control

It's difficult to generalise Fatbuddy, because children need to grow for instance. However, if an adult has high blood glucose then they don't need to eat further carbohydrate until their glycogen has become depleted, that's true.

He is NOT diabetic

Sorry, I should've phrased that as people in general don't need to eat further carbohydrate until their glycogen is becoming depleted.

Culturally, the West and India have in common that generally they eat way more carbohydrate than the body uses on a daily basis. The excess is being converted to the harmful fat that we associate with chronic ill-health, and ingested (natural) fat has been wrongly blamed for.

Typically on a maintenance diet, our body will use about 10% in the form of protein, 20 to 25% in the form of carbohydrate, and the remainder as fat.

What they eat is massively different to that (say 25% protein, 50% carbohydrate and 25% fat), and eventually struggles to cope.

I read in one of link posted, it mentioned if your weight is say 75kg, add zero to this number, then the number 750 in grams is what you need to eat as food to maintain a healthy life. The % numbers in your response, can this % be compared to 750 g.?

The %ages are in terms of kcal. The outcome for myself for instance (at a body weight of less than 65kg) would be about 60g protein, 130g carbohydrate and 180g fat, totalling less than 375g, although you have to allow for the amount of water and fibre too for instance.

I would think the weight of food you've been quoted is closer to the mainstream 25:50:25 referred to above, which definitely is not healthy; the carbohydrate would demand too much insulin, and over half the carbohydrate would be being turned into visceral fat, as would a high proportion of the protein.

Which is why people can be active, of a supposedly 'healthy weight', avoid eating saturated fat and still suffer strokes, cancer, heart disease and diabetes; little to do with genetics, and nothing to do with chance.


Thank you for your response. I read in the papers a new born baby having a stroke!. My daughter just gave birth by C-section. A worrying time for all of us in family!!!

All OK now.

Cancer, stomach cancer, a family member had it and after two operations he is OK.

I am learning. Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, gestational diabetes is increasingly common, and we can deduce that insulin-resistance is even more rampant but undetected (because it's extremely rare to do insulin tests, rather than blood glucose tests that have responded to insulin levels).

Again, unfortunately the mother's condition can then negatively impact on the health of the offspring.


It looks like your Calori intake would be approx 700-800 kcal.....max per day.

You maybe able to achieve the same objective if you can divide one meal a day to two meal a day with 400 kcal per meal and try with 8-16 IF.

It may be ok If your goal is to reduce weight along with blood sugar control.

One meal a day plan is not suitable for the underweight as per the experts on IDM.


Please consult your doctor to see if they agree with you being on the diet. No one wants anyone getting sick or worse.

Spoke to few they say 'its not possible to sustain for long time ' and I just want see how long I can carry with out losing much weight .. so far feeling great on my by lelvels

What is your, height, waist and weight ?

5.4'' , 65 , 32

Thank you.

Take care and enjoy one life.

Thanks for your advise .. I am not sick or tired . I am exploring how to add more food ( high calorie food ) on my plate without compromising OMAD ..

why do you want to add more calories ? if feeling great -

can you walk 5 miles a day - without getting tired - ? 5 days a week ?

It’s amazing n pleased to note your miracle diet plan! Keep it up 👍



First of all CONGRATULATIONS! You have done quite well.

Indeed OMAD is very effective in resolving many of the metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity. However it should be implemented in a healthy and sustainable way if one wants to make it a long term lifestyle.

I do not know what is your current weight/desirable weight and whether you are working towards weight loss goal also in combination with blood sugar control. But in my opinion, your current diet does not seem to be sustainable.

You must add more protein and healthy fat in your diet. It seems you eat paneer when out in hotels. Why not include this in your regular home meals. There are many protein rich healthy food which you should consider including in your diet. It is easy and good thing about this is that they will make your food more tasty and enjoyable.

Vegetarian sources of protein and healthy fat:

Nuts and seeds: Almond ( soaked in water for few hours/overnight), boiled peanuts, chia seeds, pecan, Cheese, paneer, full fat yoghurt such as hung curd that is used used to make Shrikhand.

Fat: Butter, Ghee, Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, Full fat fresh cream, Sour cream, peanut butter, almond butter.

You may consider removing Brown Rice / MIllet Rice / White Rice. You may replace with cauliflower rice. Just add some chia seeds in your sambar towards the end of cooking.

Eat lots of non-starchy green veg.

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Praveen55Moderator in reply to Hidden

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healthwisehappy in reply to Hidden

Sorry I dont believe on these SCAM Products ..

What about protein? Are you getting enough?

You are NOT diabetic - why this diet ??

What is your BMI ? why so low calorie per day ?

What is person is diabetic ? how does he control sugar - if eat only one meal ??

one meal a day is not recommended for diabetics,since it promotes insulin resistance and rebound release of glucagon from liver antagonistic to insulin may be necessary for advanced yogis with limited access to food

like forests and mountains,not applicable for the common mans lifestyle.

the best guide is not to worry about the numbers but keep hunger as the guiding force to decide when to eat for a diabetic.

I dont agree sir, .. you said "OMAD is not recommended for diabetics" can you elobarte why ? its already proved that fasting is known to improve sensitivity but you are telling it promotes insulin resistance , can you quote me the source .. and "release of glucagon from liver " its nature gift for us to avoid hypoglycemia . why should we find wrong in that

fasting is ok for a diabetic not on drugs and for the obese

.its improvements can be seen only in those who feast in between fasts,and

not for those on regular balanced hunger driven simple vegetarian diet. and in yoga.

there is nothing wrong with glucagon,but dont get disappointed by raised sugar levels during and shortly after fasting.

insulin is released throughout the day and night in small pulses guided by your diet, activity ,and your brain function and so its impact on once a day diet is unpredictable and so difficult to control the diabetes

.some yogis are on one diet a day. but

on testing they have glucose intolerance

.they manage due to compensated mechanisms and so their diabetes remains controlled but not cured

"some yogis are on one diet a day. but

on testing they have glucose intolerance " just for my curiosity ( not to insult you ) can give me any example ? any reference to this claim ? My grandmother followed strict one day meal for ages ( due to poverty in early stage, later due to habit in later stage ) , died at 98 with out any issues ,

My grandmother lived on one meal a day due to ration book for food.

My father lived on one meal a day because of ration book on food and working in the farm.

Both did not see a doctor, did not do any health check, getting fire wood for cooking was very difficult, bringing water for drinking and cooking was also difficult, oil lamps for lighting. They were happy, had 8 hours of sleep per night. Telling the time was the train on time or not!!!

If we can work on the life style they had in the modern living we can also have a healthy life.

I agree with you poverty played it's part in the village where I lived in my early days.

phsiologically you cannot expect the pancreas to secrete insulin once a day to suit the lifestyle.

there are several examples to the statements made by me.

you can test it yourself.

i cannot discose their identity for ethical reasons.

sandybrown in reply to rnpath

Over night the insulin levels are low and after each three meals the levels go up and then come down in levels.

If no meal is taken then the insulin will stay low!

If only one meal is taken during the time between 0600 to 2000 hours, then insulin will go up after that one meal.

rnpath in reply to sandybrown

agree with your observations. the issue is not this but whether our present lifestyles and energy requirements are compatible with one meal a day for an average DM2 on treatement.

I am not advocating OAMD for DM2 on medication .. its very dangerous .. But People on No MEDICAL TREATMENT or Border Line / d Pre Diabetics this could help them.

agree totally

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