My routine : mng - amla karela juice , T without sugar . 9 am : brfst poha /upma/khaman/idli . Lunch : 3 gehu roti , sabzi , sometimes dal, salad . 6 pm : nasta as mng , T . Dinner : as lunch . Exercise : 30 -40 mnts walk daily in 2 intervals . On Saturday Sunday I do surya namaskar &yoga also . My problem is that I go 3-4 times in a week out of control and eat 2-3 biscuits , 1 small laddu , half cup khir , half cup rice , 1-2 dishes sev usal at outside . Not all things simultaneously but it happens . I eat fruits once /twice in a week . I know that still I must be strict on myself and I am trying hard to get control .


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  • Your problem is your self- and sugar cravings. NO discipline-- you are NOT serious about your health... You need to learn how to count carbs-- Breakfast is totally Forbidden - what you eat is NOT allowed --too much carbs.

    Roti- should be only two not 3 - No rice - No laddu

    Please check A1C - write down sugar spikes - after meal - and compare with what you eat.

    You are NOT a young child- I gave you instructions before--

    If you eat what you are writing-- after few years you may be blind or have a heart attack.

    Yes - some people - including your self- may think this is too harsh...

    But I am speaking from experience- I have taken injections -- in each eye - for 9 months ..


    Only way to control diabetes is to cut down on carbs --

    Also you can do more exercises --- I am age 72 - and walk 2.4 mils ( one hour ) every day.

  • Oh sir , I am really sorry . I already told that I m trying harder to control diet . I don't want to loose my critical organs . That was my mistake and I will not allow to happen it again . I don't mind ur harsh words because u r very much experienced and truth is truth .

  • Its okay friend-- just count carbs-- read my posts and comments to other

    About Monitor.. Monitor .. and Carb count

    Your goal should be- A1C below 7.0 and you can do it. just change diet and more exercise ..

  • Thanks .

  • champak045 ,

    I will be sending you a message later today when I get done with breakfast for the day. I will let you know when I send it.

  • 6 roti, upma pha daily will worsen your diabetes, LIPIDS etc.

    Switch to LCHF diet.

    Check my old posts. I have been talking LCHF diet since Jan 2013.

    Aim for A1C 5.6 or lower.

  • Self discipline is a very important part of diabetes management. Go for a well balanced diet. No excess of carb or fat. A regulated diet and life will do a lots of good to you.

  • It is hard to get the right & safe diet and maintain healthy lifestyle in order to normalizing your blood sugar. Self-discipline and good control of your daily cravings is crucial. All the best!

  • Sir if you take upma,poha and 3 roti then carb intake will be high.Reduce them.Switch to good fat.evey thing will be o.k.A hard decision is a must to restrict carb.unfortunately carb food are more tastier.Restrict carb and JIO JI VARKAE. THANKS

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