Take precautions and keep worrying away by diabitise

Take precautions and keep worrying away by diabitise

I am a66 + man. And diebities is since last 33 years. Walking is a best excercise in diabitic person.regular excersise of 30 minutes is necessary in the morning. Regular dose prescribed by Dr. Is necessary without mistake.and morning excersize is very helpful. If you don't have time in morning please walk in evening. Control on diet will help you to contro diabetes.Food to be taken as per calory requires. To day I am taking all vegetarian food and diabitise is in control. Some time sweet also taking..

So nothing to worry if diabitise attack on someone.but medicine dose prescribed by Dr. And morning excercise and evening walking and live without tension is very much important to keep diabitic in control.

Thanks to all


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  • Thanks Sir for sharing your info.. I also catched by this disorder at 27. I am trying to keep my a1c as normal as possible.

  • T2 Diabetes is better to be LOW CARB & exorcize. Well done , there is a big difference between T1 & T2.

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