4 time BS check for one lunch

today before lunch checked was 72 half hour later rised 130 again checked one hour later 160 and finally one and half hour downed to 75.

I don't know what is happening? is it normal or bad

let me know your all friends opinion


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7 Replies

  • Hello. I had seen ur previous post and come to know that in just 7 months u had achieved so good results.congrats. My query have u taken any medicine when diagnosed? If yes then duration? How u had left ? Can we eat whole wheat roti ?

  • yes at first prescribed 500mg metformin per day plus galbinclamaid 5mg only for two month after that meds changed to half 250mg metformin per night for one month and after that I left all meds only diet and exercise was enough till last day laboratory check and now I am moving without meds god is merciful.

  • Thanks. So u had left medicine s after 3 months. First 2 months 500 mg metformin plus 5 mg galbinclamaid and then for 1 month only 250 mg metformin. Have u reduced dose by urself or ur doctor prescribed? And when u left metformin 250 was it prescribed by doctor or not to fully left d medicines?

  • The fluctuations of blood sugar level is normal. Postprandial blood sugar level (2 hours after taking food) should be less than 140 mg/dL.




  • nothing to worry t all your level is normal it looks like yu are panic dont worry it is a normal thing and this is common in all human beings but people make yo panic it is upto u to believe me yu are 100% normal

  • Your reading looks normal The food we eat causes the sugar to go up, since our body has a mechanism to control and regulate the blood sugar variation our levels are maintained

  • Your numbers are normal.Red some of the posts this forum.Matters will be clear to you.You can always approach the forum if you still have doubts/

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