Long Wheat in Nagpur, India

Can anyone suggest where I can buy long wheat in Nagpur and what is it called locally ? Any online sources which sell at good quality / price and deliver ?




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  • Is it really that good? Does it work?

  • Yes - its been working for me :) i need this for my mother in Nagpur .. very promising results and its very filling too.. does not feel like a 'diet' ! You can improvise recipes and make it tasty too

  • what is carb content - how many grams per cup -? or per cup of flour ?

  • @Champak045....I am from sangli,where long wheat or Khapli gevu is produced in large quantity. I have used it from childhood...it tastes better than other wheat.It is quite cheap also at sangli..Now I am settled at Mumbai.For diabetes, after watching some threads here, I used it for almost a year,in many forms like chapatis,broken wheat Dalia,or kheer...My observation is that it has little more fibres compared to other types of wheat,but carbohydrates content don't differ.. A wheat is a wheat is a wheat...!.. due to more fibres,sugars spikes are slower,but no other difference... observations by others could be different,for diabetic,it is No different than other wheat....,

  • Good to know-- I don't eat ANY WHEAT for four years.

  • HI , I am prediabetic and on no medications. How good is Long wheat helpful in diabetes managment.


  • Better try !... No harm.

  • @DRH-sangli, you said it right!

  • he just said -- wheat is wheat --NO difference.

    Why eat - wheat or rice --

    Monitor ..Monitor ..Monitor...

    Read my responses in other posts --monitor and by trial and error --

    eliminate foods that causes sugar spikes.

    Start LCHF diet -- and more exercises

    Take supplements - Vitamin d3, K2 ( Mk-& ) and some anti oxidants

    like Vitamin C, A and E

  • I was responding to his words "Better try! No harm".

    From 2009 till date I am on normal diet with rice sugar as well as fruits! That is the difference eating LW makes!!

  • @zaheerbasha4, LW gives only long term result and ultimately cure. If you are looking for a quick response, best choice is injection.

  • Thank you very much for the factual response. Additionally it reduces constipation! :-) @Tzaneen123

  • I have been having 2 meals with long (emmer) wheat as rice/ bread substitute for a week only - and my sugar reading has come down 30 pts! They spike when I eat other carbs.. a1c 8 for 2 yrs - trying this now

  • Please read my comments above -- try to get a1C below 6.0

    Read more posts by Anup, Sashi and Surano

  • 👍 I am taking the vitamins

  • which vitamins ? try to get natural - vegetarian capsule

    Those 3 I mentioned above-- prevents getting diabetes also

  • Thanks sir for your good advise.

  • Today had my quarterly checkup. You know that I am on no diabetic medicine, no heavy exercise, usual qty of rice, sugar, fruits etc. Today's FBS 94mg/dl, HbA1c 5.8%.

  • That is fantastic! I have been on LW meal twice a day with vegetables and protein and controlling simple carbs for about 3 weeks now and already see a good reduction in my readings! Even my fasting sugar is getting better which i had never hoped for. They have been consistently going down. (Exception - they do go up every time i indulge and eat larger portions of simple carbs/fried food specially at a restaurant ..) .. control control control :) Getting better but do give in once in a while - i'm in it for the journey ..

    What ticked me off was when the doctor wanted to prescribe new medicines (Xigduo, Trulicity) which have documented major side effects and advised to put me on insulin injections if the aic was not reducing in 3 months (current aic 8) . This is a one way road (trying to control with medicines alone).. I hope to see a reduction in A1c in 3 months!

    p.s. i love the nutty taste of Long Wheat (i buy Emmer Wheat )

  • what should be the quantity of long wheat to be consumed twice a day.

    Look forward for your kind information.


  • @Tzaneen123, HbA1c jumps with sweet intake, as in the case of temperature reading in a clinical thermometer, which does not fall along with the fall of temperature. HbA1c takes 3 months from the date of taking sweet/fruit and not from the date of previous test, to fall.

  • Thanks

    Shooter George sir and


    for your inputs regarding Long wheat .

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