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Availability of Long Wheat Grain


We reside in Chennai. Can someone please inform where this Long Wheat Grain is available. Most of the Departmental stores are surprised and confused and are unaware of such product. As both of us (me and my wife) are Type 2 Diabetic Patients and want to be more rigid in our diet and with a view to bring our sugar levels to acceptable norms, we want to try this. Awaiting for the update from all the concerned. Thank you

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Please ask for Samba Godhumai. Available in Nilgiris departmental store. You also get samba ravai(broken) for making uppuma. Both are available in Nilgiris and in most of the departmental stores and also in the corner (kirana) shops. All the best. Please see SHOOTER GEORGE'S posting for the availability at various places and the names in those region.

Long wheat is known as Samba Godhumai in Chennai. You will get it in most of the shops which sells grains and dhals.

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Thank you Gentleman for the update.

Which part of Chennai are u in? I bought Long wheat in a Grocery store ( packed not loose; local branded) in Mandaveli.

You can ask for Samba Godhumai and tell its not the regular Godhumai, but the grain in full.

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Nanganallur. Since the doubt is cleared, I can buy here itself. Thank you

Go to the web site of

J & J Dechane and look for


Your diabetes will be controlled.

Please phone Mr Vithal Gangaram Ph no-XXXXXXXHe is from Pune.Extremely co-operative gentleman.He charges approximately Rs82.00 per kg.But genuine and pure.


Thank you Gentleman for the update.

Can anyone suggest the availability of LW in Mumbai?

Hi raruna,

In Tamil "Long Wheat" is known as " Samba Kodhumai". It is very well available in Tamilnadu.

I am ready to help you ..I am from north Karnataka we grow in our agriculture land ..Emmer wheat (long wheat) ..I am ready to send you if it is helpfull to your health..

My contact no.XXXXXXXX Vinod jogur

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