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Do you know many non- diabetic drugs affect blood glucose levels?... c

Non-Diabetes Drugs and Supplements That Affect Glucose Levels

A certified diabetes educator provides a list, and what to do to prevent a blood sugar swing caused by a new medication.

The main medicine people with Type 1 diabetes take on a daily basis is insulin, but did you know that other non-diabetes-related medications can affect your blood sugar, too? This side effect can create havoc on your glucose management if you don’t adjust your insulin levels to accommodate it.

See the article by Jennifer Smith. insulinnation.com/author/je...

(Jennifer Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Biology from the University of Wisconsin. She is a registered and licensed dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and certified trainer on most makes/models of insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. She has lived with Type 1 diabetes since she was a child, and thus has first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day events that affect diabetes management.)

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