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sukumar neuropathy

hi george ,

im sukumar age 35 from tamilnadu.. im suffering from neuropathy and retinopathy... before five years it was diagonised that im a type-2 diabete.. i tried a lot to overcome this difficulty...

will this LWMDR help me for sure,completely...

what should i do? what should i follow and how ?

for the past one year i didn't slept well... suffered and suffering lot..

kindly provide me a good diet with LWM and how long should i folloe to completely get rid off this pain...

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Please switch to LCHF diet it works wanders.Thanks.

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The damage to nerves and retina can be temporary or permanent.

There are a few who have been benefitted by lwmdr. But there are many who have been benefitted by lchf diet.

Post your profile and reports here for better suggestions.

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