Diabetic due to heart blockage, now taking gaminor, ecosprin 75 and telmisartan 40

I had high BP due to mild blockage in my artries. I found when I had pain in my left hand during long walking. Lower BP was too high to reach 240. Mirco albumin raise abnornally and produced diabetic effect. Now I am taking giminor, ecospin 75 and telmisartan 40 for last 60 days. BP has reduced to just above normal, but still not normal yet. I want fast result to remove this blockage, because I skip temisartan once and I got again pain in left hand. Please advise me to take proper medicine to remove this blockage.

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  • consult a heart specialist for proper medical advice

  • Consult to heart specialist imidiate

    Don't late

  • mkrindia2

    Yes. Consult a cardiologist asap.

    Your heading can't be true. Are you really a diabetic ?

  • I don't get any information regarding the drug Gaminor/ Giminor. It's generic name / name of the manufacturer etc may be stated.

    You should consult a Cardiologist and a Nephrologist.

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