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Doubtful Result


I was diagnosed DM-2 in the year 2016 December and had medicine for 1 week and left medicine. I eat normal food and there's no life change at all.

During the month of January, 2017 I checked my sugar level and the result was pre-diabetes.

A month back, during April I was declared normal with hba1c 5.6

Now, I monitor my sugar level properly. This morning before food it was 85 and after eating Meggie noodles and mono 1 plate each, I checked my sugar again, it was 108. All of this without medicine.

Now, I'm thinking, I'm I really diabetes, pls help.

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what was you HBa1c and FBS at the time of diagnosis

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Hba1c I did not check. Sorry. At the time of diagnosed fasting was say around 160 and after food 200 above.

Result is defer in different labs so I wonder I'm I really diabetes.

Different labs result showed different story. I think diabetes is commercialised and there's no strict rules to exactly know it. If someone knows, I would like to go for rechecking. I'm in dilemma pls help.


I thin k you are non diabetic with this number but for on safer side try to change your life style and diet now for rest of your life . and its safer to wait for another 6 months with two Hba1c at three months interval . to confirm you are non diabetic .. I will be very happy if you are really non diabetic ..


Get HbA1c test done.You were a diabetic in Dec.To my knowledge,it just does not go away.Be on safer side and monitor regularly.

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Right. Thank you.

If with momo and Meggie's, one plate each. There's no spike at all but I am worried I was diagnosed that time. My readings are from one : 1) Laboratory : Normal : A month ago

2) By Achucheck : Normal

3) By December, 2016 : Diabetes from lab.


Talke hb1ac reding any time in day and take lipid profile report on fasting yur fasting 160 mg tells it is abnormal yu should give importance asincrease. Of lipids in blood also causes. Diabetes is not a disease it is a metabolic disorder a combination of carbohydrate. Fat and proteins yu take in yur food


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