April Monthly Meeting Saturday, April 22, 2017

We are going to have our Monthly Meeting on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The meeting will be starting at 7:30 pm India Time/10 am USA Time and 2:30 pm UK Time. The hours are different slightly since there was the time change recently. Please follow this posting so you can comment and ask questions while the meeting is in session.

The agenda goes like this:

1.) Thank Zest for helping while Activity2004 was on vacation earlier in the month.

2.) Talk about commercial spamming and what is NOT ALLOWED to be posted/used as in postings and comments.

3.) Report of information from last month's meeting (possible ways to include pictures).

4.) Questions/Comments/Ideas.


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151 Replies

  • Thanks :)

  • You're welcome! See you then!😀

  • Yes, I will. This time is one hour earlier which is better for me @ 11:30 pm.

  • Great!

  • Most welcome Luckysugar

  • let's rock n roll

  • Are you attending?

  • Yeah try my best. anything for ur special effort and to beat diabetes

  • Welcome xxxy2j

  • can i participate in the meeting on line from Pakistan

  • welcome Azeezallahwala

    Inshaallah... :)

  • Tathastu is my word :)

  • Are you going to be able to attend, anup?

  • Hopefully Yes.

  • Great!

  • Yes!

  • I will be there

  • Is everyone ready to start the meeting this morning?

  • I am here. 7:30PM IST sharp

  • Great!

  • Me too Activity2004!

  • Hello Anup Sir, How u doing?

  • All great on overload of heart friendly FAT ;)

    No sir, no madam pl. We are all equals.

  • ok done Anup

  • Can you pls suggest me some good fats. Actualy my all resports are normal till now. I just want to inc my weight. Lost 5 kgs, before this I was 60. Or is any supplement good for diabetics patient. please tell me

  • Is anyone else here?

  • cure, are you here?

  • Okay, to start with, welcome to our meeting!

  • Hello how's all doing?

  • Hello! I'm here too.

  • This is 1st time for me how we going to discuss?

  • You can reply and follow the meeting with the comment section.

  • We are going to start by thanking Zest for helping while I was on a mini vacation recently. I would like to say that Zest did a great job.

  • Hi Activity2004, cure, and everyone,

    It was a pleasure to help whilst you were on your mini vacation (Activity), but I didn't need to do very much at all, because you have a great team, and Cure and the others were amazing at keeping things running and I think you all work really well together.

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday, and that you settle back into your normal routine again.

    I have read this thread through, and think you had a great meeting.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you for saying that, Zest!😀 I will be in touch later with you.

  • thank you Zest

    You are great help

  • Thank you cure - and wishing you a great week. :-)

  • Hello Every one....let us start??

  • yeah Cure. how r u?

  • Great thank u

  • We've started by thanking Zest.

  • Yes..@zest did great job...is she around??

  • No, she will reply/check afterwards.

  • seems some problem with HU server...

  • Possibly! Will check into that later.

  • ok...

  • Inorder to see the new msgs , I have to refresh the page very time, this seems odd.

  • It's a glitch in the HU system. It's ongoing.

  • I'll endorse that

  • Can you please explain, suryakaizen? I may be a little confused. What are we endorsing?

  • Second item on our agenda is talking about commercial spamming and what isn't allowed for postings and comments.

  • yeah i think everyone will be talking about diabetes. The manin motive of this website is to talk and share about health, medicines and diseases

  • Yes...Thru my separate post it was informed that sharing personal contact details in forum will be treated as commercial spam

  • That's right, cure. No one is allowed to put e-mail addresses, phone numbers, business websites (ie.: promoting products and/or 'cures'.

  • hello guys , I jsu want to know some good fats which are good for diabetics inorder to inc weight. I m 55 kgs right now, want to gain 3-4 kgs

  • Up intake of nuts. Fat alone may not help in weight gain.

    That said good fat:

    VCO, Coconut, Avocado, Butter, Cheese, Ghee, Nuts.

  • I ate peanuts, and butter on daily basis. Is ghee good for diabetics.? What nuts I can take other than peanuts?

  • Brazilian, Pine, Macadamia, Pecan, Walnuts, Pine Nut.

    Push the mix to 100 grams per day, keeping 30g for walnuts.

  • what about packed frozen chicken?

  • Once ounce protein per sitting should be the thum-brule unless not into strength building / weight training.

  • Actually I am a gym guy. before diagonis I was having good muscles. But after diagonis I have lost my muscles on my arms and legs specially. I just want to gain my weight back. can you please refer my some idea like What I can eat before going to gym. I amtaking metformin 500 mg single a day. I think it also responsible for my weight loss

  • Then up your proteins to 1.0, 1.25, 1.5g/Kg body weight in stages. I only talk Low Carb diet as I live by it, medication free into seventh year now.

    I forgot one source of great fat -- EGGS. It has good proteins too. My life revolves around 3 to 4 eggs with yolk every day.

  • thanks Anup for ur knowledge. Is there any supplement for the same which is very good for diabetics. If you know anyone please suggest.

  • Honestly, on a High Carb diet, nothing will work. Supplements etc are for last mile advantage. One short example:

    Vit C and glucose fight for the same cells. With elevated glucose, Vit C loses out. :)

  • ok Anup can you please share say for monday what u will be eating the whole day. Lets talk about today , what u r eating from this morning till now. It will be very helpful for me and others

  • healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

    My life revolves around in what's noted above. And, meter is my companion even now.

  • u rocksssss!!!!! thanks Anoop

  • Thank you buddy!

  • one more thing what is the better replacement for chapatis. Say what I can take with egg curry??

  • 2 to three TBSP scoop cooked rice once a day is ok. Load up with salad and other stuff.

    Or, maybe try Cauliflower rice. You may take some time to adjust to it's taste. Begin with a 50:50 ratio of rice and cauliflower rice to have more quanity for the same 3 TBSP scoop cooked rice. Add cheese gratings, coconut gratings, some boiled peanuts etc. No end to innovating once u are on LCHF diet.

  • Is coconut water is good for diabetics(naariyal-paani)?

  • NOPE. Once in a while is fine but not as a habit.

  • Gap in comunication - endorsing thanking Zest

  • Oh! Sorry!

  • So guys how'z the report of everyone here? Hb1ac of the last three months .please share

  • Can we please stay on track?

  • However in last few days we noticed few threads with commercial spams...ofcoz they were very old...

    I think it will good idea to delete the same totally

  • Will explain later, cure! :-)

  • There has been a lot of spammers lately that have been posting about 'cures' for diabetes when this isn't allowed.

  • CURE is a sexy word to sell some DUBIOUS stuff.

  • Exactly, but it isn't allowed.

  • I have an idea:

    Any new joinee should not have the right to post LINKS till they have around 10 (or maybe 20) posts. I got this functionality implemented on the other forum and BOOM! All spammers were gone!

    Most spammers will post links, publish email addresses. Email addresses also can be filtered out automatically

  • We would have to let them know.

  • CURE is a sexy ...

    I am old man though...

  • I'm having a problem not being able to see the other posts. Perhaps its because I hit 'Reply' and the system waits for me to write something??

  • Maybe. See what happens in a minute.

  • You are true suryakaizen . Same prob here

  • I will send a note to HU about the problem after the meeting.

  • Activity2004 .Can't we have a separate chat like feature for this meeting.I think that wil b very great. In that scenerio We can easily go through all the post at once.

  • We have an agenda and a limit on time.

  • how long this meeting will go?

  • Close to 12 noon USA time.

  • ok then for full 2 hrs.

  • Does anyone have questions about the spam issue?

  • what action is proposed for old spams??

  • We go through and report them to HU. Then, delete the comments that are spam.

  • ok

  • We also will turn off the reply function until we can get all the spam comments out.

  • ok should we proceed to next point??

  • nope, all clear from my side

  • Hello everyone: sorry for being late.

  • It's okay, Luckysugar. Welcome to the meeting!

  • I am around but be bit slow due to some unavoidable circumstances...

  • Okay, cure. Don't worry!

  • Third, there is some review from last month's meeting I wanted to bring up. Dealing with trying to include pictures....

  • Every post/reply should have provision for that.

    But, spammers may use that feature too to their advantage.

  • The pictures would have to be acceptable. It is not that easy to put the pictures into the PM section, but you can try for the comments.

  • alternatively pics can be uploaded to some free site and link can be shared....

  • That's right. But, they also have to be not inappropriate.

  • We don't know for sure if the pictures will actually work, but test the idea.

  • Luckysugar, do you have any questions?

  • Yes, I am not quite sure what are you talking about the picture. I've seen some people uploading some pictures with their posts like their own photos or some plants.

  • I'm talking about trying to post pictures inside the comments.

  • In replies, I don't see any provision to upload anything.

  • We would have to try and get in touch with HU and have them put a button for picture insert.

  • Hope that would work. That would help in case someone needs to attach any pictures that appropriate and relevant with their comments.

  • Everyone can let us know what you wanted posted on the Facebook page and it can be done.

  • cure, would you like to add anything?

  • Nah...nothing special...

  • Activity2004

    Has this forum been active on Facebook? I have no idea as I've stopped using FB for a while.

  • We do have a facebook page set up and active. Please go click on the Facebook icon under Contact Us and it will take you straight to the page. You have to log in on Facebook and click like page and follow.

  • That's great, thanks.

  • You're welcome! We need a few days notice if you or the rest of the members want to have us post something for you. This gives us time to figure out how much time it will take before we all head to bed each night.

  • Do you mean we are unable to post anything on Facebook page by ourselves?

  • You can post comments.

  • How come we are allowed to comment only?

  • Due to how the page is set up, there is the Administrators who are allowed to post postings. Others can comment and like postings/comments-- like on HU.

  • Okey, thanks for the info. Just has a quick look into our page on Facebook. It looks great :)

  • Thank you! I'm going to try and post something in the next few days.

  • I am here too...

  • Welcome to the meeting! Would you like to share?

  • I am just hearing...am a good listener...

  • Okay!

  • Does anyone have any other questions, comments or ideas?

  • For the Facebook page, there are some postings for everyone to write comments to.

  • Good idea...

  • cure, please take over for a few minutes!

  • I need to go, so good day/good night everybody - till next time

  • Okay! Goodnight! See you soon.

  • Is there anything else you all have questions on?

  • If there are no other questions or comments, that wraps up the meeting for today. Next meeting will be next month. Date to follow later. Enjoy your evening/day!

  • Thank you! Good night everyone :)

  • Lunch time here!

  • Bon appetite!

  • sorry... I could not participate much....

  • Thank you Activity2004 Luckysugar suryakaizen gphilip @anup @zest and those who participated...

  • u have forgot me :-(

  • It's okay, cure! Next month will be better.

  • what u r taking in lunch. Spare my share don't forget :-)

  • It was pleasure to attend it...thanks.

  • Good nyte everyone

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