Monthly Meeting for February 2017 TODAY

We will be having our Monthly Meeting today for February. It will be at 10 AM USA time/8:30 PM India time/3 PM UK time. We will be using this posting to do the comments/concerns/questions/discussion. Please click on the follow button for the posting so you can see the NEW comments and also post your own comments, as well. Hope to "see" you later!


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  • Ready

  • Is everyone ready to start the meeting?

  • Okay!

  • First, who else is on?

  • Me

  • Okay, then we can start and catch everyone else up. Okay with that?

  • Ok

  • Hi there: my first time on the meeting. How are you guys?

  • We're doing great. There are a few things I wanted to bring up.

  • First, dealing with spam.

  • Hi & welcome to all!

  • Hi :)

  • There has been some spam coming in more lately than before. If you see any postings/comments that look like spam, please report them right away.

  • Sure,Admin!

  • Okay! I found about 3 spam comments and postings earlier this week. From old postings about 6 months ago.

  • Do you mean those who advertise some products or treatments which tend to leave their contact numbers or addresses?

  • Yes, to both. Also, they use the word "cure" and right now, unfortunately, they shouldn't because there isn't one yet. I don't want anyone's hopes messed with at all. When there is one, I will make sure EVERYONE knows.

  • Looking forward for that announcement!

  • Will do when the time comes!

  • Ok. I'm here. Thanks

  • Would you like to add something?

  • No. But one should refrain from a direct communication with other members. This forum should act as filter to the wrong advices

  • Can you explain? I don't think I understand.

  • Direct contact between members should be avoided. a wrong unscientific advice given here on this forum will invite objection from other members and nobody could be harmed by bad advice.

  • Good suggestion. Is it possible for Admin to do?

  • Anyone else have a question about the spam?

  • I used to report any spam earlier. Off late a bit busy.

    Will keep a watch now

  • Thank you for letting me know.

  • But i'd like other "notorious " members to be reinstated. They are the one who try our knowledge and keep the forum live. But i don't mean anyone's rudeness should be entertained. Respect of all the members should be maintained.

  • It depends on who and what made that person be restricted/banned. Banned users can't be reinstated since they are deleted from HU completely. HU deletes the banned accounts.

  • If the accounts are deleted (banned members/users), then HU upper management won't allow them to sign up again because the iP address would be the same depending on what device you use to go on the site (not just groups). Does that make sense?

  • Please be generous. Our group should be as big as possible. I find really good questions from new members. We should have big horizon.

  • I'm working on getting the group to be bigger. It takes time! Would you like to help get new members to sign up for the group and HU in general?

  • I'm trying. I give advice to all whom i know to be diabetic. Even to my endo friends. But the problem is that everybody is not conversant with english. May be that is one of the reasons.

  • We can have someone help them with the traslation if that's necessary.

  • I'm always there but without person fluency in english i don't think it will work.

  • They can make conversations in hindi!वो हिंदी में संवाद कर सकते हैं!

  • How ? Is translation to hindi from english posts possible ?

  • There's a translation program on on-line. I'll give you all the link. Hold on.....

  • Will it work efficiently ?

  • Thank you, alwaysoptimistic!

  • You are welcome,Admin!

  • Ok. I didn't know that. Now should be a bit easier to raise interest of the people in this forum.😜😜😜

  • I'm going to save the link as a favorite for later. Thanks!

  • नहीं!

    उन्हें हिंदी में टाइप करना होगा.

  • Activity2004

    The people are trying to make you indian 😃😃😃😄😄😄. Did you get what was written ?

  • No, can you please tell me?

  • Which language do you use at home,Admin?

  • English at home and at work for the Senior Center and Spanish traslation on line.

  • OK, lo tengo!

  • I was just kidding. 😜😜. But now you try that online link to translate that hindi into english and check if that's easy to do.😃😃

  • Will have they to put the whole english post onto that online link to get hindi translation ?

  • Yes and then click traslate for what language they want it to be.

  • Ok. I will try some other time and see if it's working easy and n ot too cumbersome.

  • Yes!

  • Same like with my DEXCOM postings I do (English and Spanish translation).

  • That's right. No one is going to stop them from talking in Hindi. We just need someone to traslate what they say if they do postings and comments so we all know what's going on.

  • Can we improvise our software so that a direct translation either way is possible without the help of a third person ? Like we see in our parliament.

  • I'm not sure about that, but you can check into it.

  • 😝😝😝👍👍👍

  • If everyone finds someone to sign up for the group, we can get the group to be close to or even over the amount we have now.

  • If we're ready to move on, there are a few other issues to get to. Are we ready?

  • Vamos a avanzar, Admin!

  • what is that language ?

  • Spanish!

    Meaning:Let us move forward,Admin!

  • What's the next issue? It is very late at my side.

  • 👍👍

  • Okay, next issue.... There have been some glitches/HU issues lately. Has anyone had trouble with the PMs when trying to send them? Sometimes, they tend to be running slowly when trying to send something.

  • No. Not from my side.

  • Here's a sample of Spanish: rojo= red

  • Only i still can't attach my reports though i have updated my mobile 🙏🙏🙏🙏. The jpg files

  • What about on the computer?? Any problems?

  • This site works good on my new mobile SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 Prime.

  • That's great! If anything changes, let me know and I can let HU know.

  • Sure,Admin!

  • It will work better on HU app which is being developed!

  • Kya bro. Itna kharcha karvaoge 😳😳😝😝. Well i'm trying to buy mi5s plus 6gb 128 gb but yet not launched in india. Perhaps going to be shortly.

  • What about on amazon?

  • Trying. But let's go ahead with the issues of this forum. But where are my big bros cure @anup shrisamarth ?

  • cure might be late.... anup said he'd come, but I will check on him later. Not sure about shrisamarth.

  • Online purchase in India is not much reliable!

  • For me no PMs, no worries!

  • Good to hear it!

  • Are we still on ?

  • Why?

  • It sometimes runs very slowly and won't send. You don't want that.

  • There are certain issues better communicated with admin. Say some complaint like spam and to avoid direct conflict.

  • Thank you for saying that.

  • Next topic... early April 2017.....

  • What is that ?

  • Are we done?

  • Early April I will be going on a mini vacation to Cleveland, Ohio for a few days. I will have someone help fill in along with having cure taking care of the group. I wanted to give you guys a head's up. One of my Admin. friends will be subbing at that time when I let them know.

  • Enjoy your break 👍👍👍. Have a nice vacation 👍👍👍

  • Thank you. I'll be here for the next few weeks. I'm not going for a while.....

  • The week of April 9th.

  • If anything comes up, let cure and the sub. know.

  • Is it done now ?

  • Ok. I'm saying bye now. Gn to everybody. Good day to you Activity2004

  • Bye all!

    Thanks a lot for this great time.

    Hope Anup Ji and other members will be available online during the next meeting!

  • Me, too. Will see what happened.

  • Gracias especiales a usted, Admin!

  • Gracias to you, too! Adios amigos.

  • Any questions or concerns? Ideas?

  • No. Thank you for having me here. Good night everyone :)

  • If there aren't any questions, that's everything and we can have the next meeting next month.

  • Date please...

  • Meeting over. Talk soon.

  • I missed the date...

  • It's okay! Do you have any issues that you want to bring up?

  • I am here

  • Would you like to add something, anup?

  • We need to see participation from new comers. That's primarily lacking.

  • Okay. How do we want to do that?

  • Force introduction post before new comer get to browse the content. Basically, even after following a forum, users need to post introduction before getting access to full content. And any single liner posts for such cases should be deleted if anyone is doing that in an attempt to beat/cheat the system

  • We can't force anything unless it's life or death situations.

  • Hmm. What I meant was users should post their intro before they get access to further content

  • Well, we need to suggest that idea to HU. They are the only one that can change the way the user has access.

  • Right!

  • I'm sorry I missed it I was on grandson baby sitting duty.

  • It's okay. You can post comments if there's something you'd like to bring up.

  • We plan to have another meeting scheduled sometime next month. Not sure of the date yet, but the time will be the same.

  • Sorry Activity2004 I missed meeting as was my some other tour program ('Flirting with Rocks') was already scheduled...

    And I came very late in the night and was tried...

    Very sorry...

    About new participation...I would like to add that as open forum we can not force any one to share his/her details..

    I landed up in forum thru soon as we post some information it appears on google search engine.... and person start browsing contents...once he/she get interested...or likes to ask/answer questions he/she needs to register.. if we restrict he/she for full access then I think we will be restricting flow of many new members...

    And therefore...restricting access to full contents without introduction is also not good option...

    I agree to thoughts of suramo that many members who are restricted were keeping forum live and were also contributing to forum...

    However they were restricted for unwanted fights and insults ...they were not helpful for keeping the forum atmosphere conducive..

    Those who are restricted were given prior warning for the behavior...

    There is difference between restricted and banned....those who are restricted can still able to post on other forums and can contribute...

    Those who are banned by HU...can not come back as the same id is already deleted..

    One sided removal of restriction on already restricted members may not be possible....and not good idea...

    @activity2004 may take final decision on the same...

  • You're right, cure. There's a difference between the two types of restrictions and bannings.

    We will not force people to post information about their health issues if they don't want to do it.

  • Ok! I'll see what I can do.

  • Okay. What do you want to do, ThyroidThora?

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure what you mean? If I get a chance I will try and log into the meetings but if not I'll read the posts and reply as and when.

    TT x

  • Sounds great!

  • welcome

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