August 27th Monthly Meeting

We will be having our Monthly Meeting for Sunday, August 27th at 7:30 pm India/10 am USA/3 pm UK time. We will have the meeting with the Healthy Eating group, but have the meeting on the DI forum. Please follow THIS posting. We will use this posting for the meeting this Sunday.


1. Thank you for the help by HOBIEONE and lfn1 while I was on vacation.

2. Respect of each other's comments/opinions in general.

3. Update on the New Members List.

4. Spam Reports.

5. Concerns/Other Issues.

Hope to "see" you soon!😀


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60 Replies

  • Will be there

  • What is HOBIEONE sir? give more information about the meeting, doctors if any.

  • HOBIEONE is another Administrator from the DRWF group; which is also on HU.

    Doctors?? Can you please explain what you want to know? Do you want to know if a specific person will be attending?

  • Good morning everyone. Are we ready to start the meeting?

  • Hi

  • I want to start by thanking both HOBIEONE and lfn1 for the help on both groups (HE and DI) while I was on my vacation.

  • I am also present.

  • I am not getting any feedback.

  • Had to type.

  • I would also like to thank cure and Shashikantiyengar for keeping everything up and running.

  • I am present.

  • Hi everybody

  • I would like to go to number 2 on the agenda. I have noticed that there has been some respect of others and comments that haven't been okay lately. Everyone should feel comfortable to say and write what they need/want, but be considerate of the other member's feelings. No one should feel like they are being disrespected.

  • Any particular reference?

  • Other members have been telling me.

  • Did they report ?

  • Some did on Healthy Eating. I saw the reports while I was away in the inbox.

  • Does anyone have any questions on this subject?

  • If there are no other questions on the subject, we will go to the update on New Members and the list.

  • As for the New Members List, I will be working on that later today and try to set up the new list for September soon. We have a lot of new members for all the groups.

  • Saying that, I would like to have everyone welcome the new members whenever you see their postings/comments.

  • Response coming very slow.

  • You might have to refresh the page.

  • How to refresh?

  • Go to the top of the computer screen and look for an arrow that next to the right arrow. Click the round arrow and it will refresh the page.

  • Dealing with spam, there were some postings/comments recently related to medication that can be the 'cure' for diabetes. When there is a cure, I and everyone else will let you know. Some of these postings weren't even posted on the diabetes-related groups. We don't want anyone getting false/fake information and getting everyone's hopes up.

  • I saw this exact type of positng/spam yesterday evening before I had to go to bed.

  • Any questions on the spam issues?

  • Does anyone have any concerns about any issues? Do you want to bring up any ideas?

  • Has anyone had any glitches recently while using HU?

  • If you have any, let us know and we will let HU know.

  • No body is responding.

  • Shashikantiyengar,

    Would you like to say something?

  • None activity

  • Okay. Anyone else?

  • lfn1,

    Do you have anything to add?

  • Nothing to add but an interesting way to meet and get business done.

  • Thank you for saying that. We try!

  • alwaysoptimistic and suramo,

    Do you have anything to add or bring up? Ideas?

  • 😀😀😀

  • Did you have any ideas, patliputra?

  • If someone says that diabetes can be cured,does it amount to spam ?

  • Yes, for right now. Researchers are still trying to work on ways to cure it. But, until that is proven to actually happen and work, we have to wait and see. There was a person who 'invented' a watch that could give a blood sugar reading through a person's sweat years ago. That turned out to be a con and the guy took people's money-- no watch really existed.

  • As of now

    Cure for diabetes = Conning people

  • That's right, Shashikantiyengar. Sad, but true.

  • Could I add that perhaps the best word to use is "diabetes into remission"? Remission (n.) temporary diminution of the severity of disease or pain. Syn: Respite or Abeyance

    Those of us who work ourselves off of meds and restore our health are still classified as diabetes, however, in remission which means if we are careless, we risk going back on meds. There are some wonderful cases where people have broken free of the meds but must always keep their fitness levels of nutrition and exercise balance.

  • 👍

  • Remission is a good word, but what about the type 1 diabetics? Type 1 has to keep on insulin all the time.

  • It is unfortunate for T1s in this area, however, there have been some great case studies where islet transplants to the liver have rendered T1s whose control was devastating to having their body produce insulin. They must go on special meds but their insulin production has made their life much better. They are still classified as having diabetes because this programme has not run enough time for a full evaluation (at least 30 years) [This started in Canada in 1999 by Drs Jonathan Lakey and James Shapiro - Look up "Edmonton Protocol"] and 17 T1s. Now there are a few research centres which have picked this up. I was at the Oxford University Hospital that dealt with Islet technology last year to witness their work. There is a long way to go but there is hope!

  • Does it work for a diabetic that has had too many islets and most of a pancreas removed by surgery?

  • I disagree with you. I have experience of several cases where diabetes was auto cured. Believe it or not.No text book mentions this type of diabetes.

  • Are you talking about type 1 or 2, patliputra?

  • Type 2

  • Okay. Thank you for clearing that up.

  • The watch was called the Dream Beam.

  • Does anyone else have anything to bring up? It is almost 12 noon here for me.

  • Okay! Time for lunch now. Thank you everyone for attending. Next meeting will be announced in the next few weeks.

  • sorry...i could not attend the meeting as i was stuck up in traffic.. Due to the festival road were closed...and rains added to that issue....


  • It's okay! Thanks for letting me and everyone else know right now. I was getting a little worried.

  • it is festival time in city... roads are full and few are closed.... and rains made it worst...

    I am extremely sorry...

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