A Quick Reminder: Monthly Meeting!

Just a quick reminder... We are having our Monthly Meeting for March on the 18th (this Saturday). It will be at: 10 AM (USA), 3 PM (UK) and 8:30 PM (India) time. Please click on the FOLLOW button for THIS POSTING TO BE ABLE TO COMMENT AND ASK QUESTIONS DURING THE MEETING! I will include the agenda from the other posting so we can keep track of what's suppose to be mentioned. If there is anything else that is missing, please let us know during the meeting.


1). Review from last Monthly Meeting.

2). Zest/cure/suramo

3). Update on Spam issues.

4) Badges/Stars: Postings

5) Questions/Concerns/Ideas

See you this weekend on HU!:-)


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  • How to join the meeting ? which software are you using for meeting ?

  • Follow following steps:

    1.login to healthunlocked using your account at schuduled time

    2.search post of monthly meeting

    3.intract with people by writing and reading comments

  • Click follow button for the posting. Type comments/questions on the comments section and use either Chrome or Firefox.

  • AT-10

    Something wrong with the link.

  • What's the problem? Can you click follow?

  • It takes me to the list of threads which include no 10 in the thread title.

  • That's not the link. Click on follow.

  • Okay got it.

  • AT-10 is not a link.It is an auto-tag.

  • That's right, alwaysoptimistic!

  • Is everyone ready for the meeting to start?

  • Yes

  • Welcome to the Monthly Meeting! There are some review that we will go over before we go into the new information... Is cure here?

  • First of all, in April( 7-12), I will be on a mini vacation and will have cure and Zest helping with the group as Admin..

  • Activity, I have checked the international time for India, and it is currently 19.36. In the UK the current time is 14.07, so it is too early for the meeting... The only time that is correct is your time of 10.07am I think!

  • Hold on...

  • It's 8:30 pm in India.

  • So where is everyone?

  • Not sure, but I sent a note to some of them. One is doing surgery.

  • I checked the times on the internet - they give international times. I know it's only 2.15pm in the UK now! Really - I think it's too early for the meeting to start...! lol :-)

  • Working on it. They're up.

  • I am here

  • Okay.

  • As I was saying, I will be away for a few days in April and I want Zest, anup and suramo to help with the spam control and also Zest will help cure be the second Admin. while I'm away.

  • Zest will help report if there is any spam.

  • She can also reply and post comments/postings.

  • Any questions so far?

  • No questions so far, but if you could please PM me your exact dates you'd like cover for, that would be very helpful for me. Thanks. :-)

  • Sure! Will do!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Don't worry! Will send soon.

  • Sent the dates!

  • I've got them, thanks. :-)

  • Do you mind if I ask you, Shashikantiyengar what the time is in India just now?

  • 20.01 now

  • Converts to?

  • 8 pm here

  • Was told that meeting is at 8.30 pm

  • Right, but the time change here is still 10 am for the meeting. How does it work in India?

  • That is 8pm, isn't it - so that means the people in India aren't anticipating this meeting to start for another 30 minutes. As you told them 8.30pm, and now it's only 8pm. It is 14.35 in UK now, which means any UK people won't be anticipating the start for another approx 30 minutes...

  • I will send you another note in a minute.

  • It's sent!

  • Do we want to wait for a little while? The others need to know the important updates.

  • Yes, I think we should wait - because it's important for everyone to hear the updates. :-) Good idea. :-)

  • Great!

  • Are we ready?

  • Yes :-)

  • Will support zest and et al

  • Thank you for saying that!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Is cure here?

  • Is anup here?

  • If everyone is here, we can talk about the spam issues and a few other new issues that I have been wanting to talk to everyone about recently.

  • For starters, there has been some spam still that needs to be taken care of and removed.

  • I am here.... welcome Zest

  • Thank you very much cure :-)

  • Good to see you, cure!

  • Thank you....sorry I got held up in traffic...

  • No problem. We were just talking about the spam and the roles you, Zest and suramo along with anup will be doing while I'm on vacation April 7 through 12.

  • We are always here..and be sure we will take care of spam... the reports will be sent to you time to time...

  • I want you to do the paperwork while I'm away.

  • Ok....we will do whatever is required for the benefit of the forum..

  • just explain on what sort of paperwork...

  • I'll send a note later on it!

  • Ok....No problem...

  • Am I in the right place? No question answers?

  • Yes!

  • gphilip yes..you are at right link....

  • is alwaysoptimistic around??? he made very good suggestions in last meeting..

  • Not sure yet. Sent a note to him.

  • Hello al which is better insulin for type 1 for 2 year kid novorapid or Humalog?

  • Welcome to the meeting for March!

  • If we can add some pictures to our replays will be an added advantage...as pictures can talk 1000 of words...

  • As for some of the new information, we will try a new system for postings. Each person who has a posting that is very informative, we will use badges/stars. This will start next week.

  • Great Idea..credit should be given to alwaysoptimistic

  • Yes!

  • Im here

  • Welcome! We were talking about badges/stars for the postings starting next week.

  • Ok. 239 followers on profile already. So which badge do I get :)

  • It would be called Star and for DI.

  • Leader??? :P

  • Leader? cure please explain.

  • as he got so many followers... he is leader...guide...

  • Okay! Can you take care of the meeting for a few minutes? Need to test now!

  • Ok....

  • any new suggestions @anup ji??

  • Hello everyone :)

  • Welcome!

    The next new information is dealing with the group and getting a Facebook page set up. Is anyone interested in having this being done? If so, I can set up the page and use the same name as what is on HU and add HU as a link for Facebook and do the same on HU for the other way around. Is alwaysoptimistic here?

  • Is it necessary to put up DI on Facebook?

  • well I think thru FB we can reach to more ppl and membership may increase further...

    Luckysugar do u think any bad side to create FB page??

  • If you aim for increased numbers of membership that would be a good idea. However, I do think improving the quality of the forum especially sensibly responding to each members inquiries.

  • Yes Luckysugar ...after introduction of Activity2004 as admin of this group...now group has became lot peaceful place....

  • welcome anup and Luckysugar

  • Yes, That is welcome...

  • Okay, I'm back.

  • welcome back.... hope everything is alright...

  • It is!

  • Would alwaysoptimistic like to help with the facebook page?

  • I think he will be the right person... I think he is well versed with FB.... and I think he got 500+ followers on his FB page...

  • Yes,Admin!

    I have 3000+ followers on my facebook profile and 21000+ likers on my facebook page.

  • Why not,Admin?

  • wow....seems my estimation was low....

    well you should be awarded as 'face book king ' badge... :P

    Great alwaysoptimistic

  • Thank you,Admin!

  • I'm trying to catch up on our New Members List as fast as I can. Will work on it later this weekend. I know we have a lot of new members.

  • Presence in FB and Twitter could be done

  • Twitter will have to wait. I don't have a Twitter account. Plus, we would need permission to get an account set up for Twitter. Facebook was okay'd already.

  • We can have a poll set up on the poll section and see how many want FB.

  • Great Idea...

  • If we do have a Facebook page, we have maybe two choices as far as what type of page we want to use. Community or Company/Org.. I would go for the Community personally.

  • May I request Zest to give her brief introduction to other members...plz...

  • Go ahead! Zest, are you still here?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been a member of Healthunlocked since January 2013, and have mainly contributed to the NHS weight loss site and then more recently to the Healthy Eating community, and I have been an Administrator in both communities, so have experience of that role.

    I have known Activity2004 for some time, and she has asked me to help out with Admin whilst she is on holiday in April, and I am pleased to help - and will hope to support the existing Admins and Volunteers within the Diabetes India community, and I hope that I will be of help during that time.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you for saying that, Zest! I know you can do it!

  • I will do my best to be of help. :-)

  • Great Zest I think we all will be benefited with your knowledge about weight loss...

    Weight loss is the key to control Diabetes...

  • Thank you cure :-)

  • Okay, if there's nothing else to say, meeting over! Next meeting next month after I get back from vacation!

  • Ok admin....thank you everyone...and our new admin @zest....

    Have nice day....(For USA and UK)

    Good night for INDIA

  • Time for lunch here! Thank you for coming.

  • Thank you, and very nice to meet you all. :-) Wishing you all an excellent week. :-)

  • Welcome Zest

    Bye all

  • Thank you Shashikantiyengar - wishing you a good week. :-)

  • Sorry everyone!

    I was out of network coverage area of my internet service provider.

  • It's okay!

  • did it require a meeting to say all this?

  • of course bhanjois72

    HU can take such decision one sided....

    But it is great on part of our admin that she is taking poll and trying to understand the feelings of all members...

    Further it is great initiative to interact with all active members of forum to understand feelings and problems faced by them... it is very important to understand discuss and communicate the suggestions made by active members to HU..

    Such activity never happened in past....DI never had such active admin...

    After understanding the motive of meeting....Hope next time you will also contribute..

  • Perfectly said, cure! Thank you!

  • your explanation is unconvincing.The fact that your colleague will be on a holiday and you, zest,anup,suramo will look after her work could have been posted on the site..Further tech question by one respondent was just not answered..i am not clear the purpose of meeting

  • well....you may go thru the agenda of the meeting which was submitted earlier on the forum...

  • My comments are made after seeing the agenda .Agenda2 created confusion.Suramo felt he is under attack and asked always optimistic if he wants to include his name.Anup put question mark on this agenda.If you still feel agenda spelt out the intention of meeting,hats off to you.

  • Personal touch is always better than BOT posts, IMHO.

    Appreciate the good efforts!

  • Thanks, anup! We're all trying!

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