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My sugar level came down in 2 weeks from 290 to 98 as post meal


On the 3rd of March this year, I had gotten a report my fasting blood sugar level was 219 and my PP was 290. Then, my doctor put me on glucobay 25mg and glycomet 250 mg twice a day. After 10 days, I seen my numbers drop to 186 the PP and on 21st it's 111 and on 23rd it's 103 and today it's 100 all are PP.

I am taking the medicine and doing 20 minute walking in the morning. About my food there is no changes eexcept sweet and tea with sugar.

Morning I eat 2 normal rooti lunch rice with some vegetable and fish or chicket normal quantity not less not heavy and evening some little snack and night 3 rooti with vegtbl and some non veg fish or chicken.

When I got report 219 fasting that time I got my clostrol 223 and st. Tg 260

The above is my full history of last 25 days. Can you please suggest me if I can cut off medicine. My doctor ask to continue 30 days and stop it.

Also can I be really n serious dibetic now??

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are you type 1 or type 2 diabetic ?


Please check with your doctor about changing anything before you do anything.

Firstly congrats on getting your numbers within control asap. Instead of stopping you should try and reduce the medicine and then see the effect like make it OD instead of BD or cut out glucobay.....



You are on an absolutely wrong track . Change your doctor.

"My doctor ask to continue 30 days and stop it." Never seen a worst advice than this. Is your doctor an endo.? I don't think.

1) Post your profile and lab reports here.

2) Controlling bs is as important as how you control it.

If you want to live a healthy life without any complications from Diabetes, you must learn about D.

Diabetes gets reversed with:

1) Diet 90%

2) Exercise

3) Medications only till your bs is high but with idm you can avoid medications. Nothing on this earth can control bs except food. Start with strict diet plans and add medications if necessary after 15-30 days of idm. You have to take low carb lchf diet lifelong.

Good luck!

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Medications will control sugar....but not diabetes. In order to control need to tame it with help of diet and exercise..

You have not mentioned your age and obesity. Morning 20 mins walk is not enough. Have 200ml luke warm water with lime juice at empty stomach and walk at least for half an hour. The medicines prescribed by Dr acceptable for your body means continue the medicines as advised by the Dr. I think you are type 2 diabetic. Also do some aerobic, breathing exercises and yoga for half an hour. Add fruits in your diet. Be happy and not bother seriously about being diabetic. Millions are in the world as diabetic. Take care of your foot.

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Please think before you add fruits. The fruits preferred are apple 1/2, guava, avocado, orange 1/2-1, mango 1/2-1. All other fruits best avoided. Anybody please add to the list if i have forgotten.

you can also have Jamun (when available ) and raspberry , strawberry , blueberry , papaya and musk melon (any one of these & try to keep the serving size moderate :)

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