May 20th Meeting

We will be having our Monthly Meeting on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm India/10 am USA/2:30 pm UK time. Please follow this posting so you can comment, ask questions and give suggestions on the day of the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.) New Members

2.) Spam/Report Issues

3.) Group Motto/Policy

4.) Questions/Comments/Suggestions

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138 Replies

  • Has the meeting stared?

  • Not yet. Very soon.

  • Is everyone here for the meeting?

  • i record my presence

  • Thank you and welcome.

  • If everyone is ready, we will begin.

  • To start with, welcome and I would like to say that we have some new members for the group.

  • I hope everyone has met them.

  • Does anyone want to say anything?

  • Good morning admin Activity2004

  • is everyone around???

  • Good morning, cure! Did you want to help welcome the new members with me?

  • sure... first of all we should welcome rvmasalvad

  • he is here for first time..

  • Yes!

  • is @anup shrisamarth Shashikantiyengar around??

  • They're on the way.

  • great.... it is suggested that it will be more convenient to follow the thread if we keep replying to this....

  • Okay!

  • let us start with agenda admin??

  • Yes. Members and the Spam/Report issues.

  • ok...let us start with first point

  • welcome patliputra

    request to reply to this msg...that will make it easy to follow the thread...

  • So I have ultimately some how joined the meeting.

  • that is really nice.... plz contribute your thoughts...and suggestions...

  • Thanks.

  • Yes.

  • Can you pl take up with HU as to why my username cannot be tagged on this forum?

  • I will. We can talk about that.

  • thanks Mr Cure

  • welcome rvmasalvad

  • why there is delay in starting the first agenda

  • We covered the welcome new members. That was part of number 1. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Am I in the meeting

  • Yes, welcome!

  • First point: Spam/Report issues.

  • Recently, there has been some issues with the spam/report button that is an ongoing issue. If anyone sees spam-like postings/comments and can't report, please let cure and I know and we will take care of it.

  • sure... alternatively they can send us message... we will take care of the same...

  • good assurance Mr Cure

  • I am from India and Activity2004 is from there is around 12 hrs time gap between both of us...

    so be sure almost around 24 hrs either one of us is around....

  • Thank you, cure! I meant to mention the time difference, but thought everyone was use to it already. :-)

  • all 24 hrs either one of us is around....

  • i have noted.

  • Is there any definite policy regarding restricted members ?

  • We will get to that in a few minutes.

  • With reporting to us, we will have a note sent to HU and let them know that the button doesn't function correctly. Even I had trouble with it a few weeks ago.

  • mainly trouble is faced when we are using mobile or tablet....if it is PC or laptop...rarely we will face said problem... Guess android and HU interfaces got some problems...

  • Same with IPhone and the mobile app itself.

  • As for restrictions, it depends on the type of spam/issues that the person has done.

  • what exactly you have in your mind patliputra

  • you are very old and senior member of this group.... your suggestions are very valuable....

    plz speak out openly what you have in your mind by asking fixed policy about restricted members...

  • Before being restricted, is he given any warning or caution ?

  • hmmm depends on type of his reply.... mostly commercial spammers are restricted immediately without any discussions...

  • Along with that, they also can't promote 'cures' and give false hope. Those are the ones who gets banned by HU themselves after HU gets notified.

  • banning and restriction are two different things... banning is done by HU...

    Admin can restrict and report to HU

  • Banning is lifelong ?

  • Yes, banning is lifelong and done by HU.

  • banning is done by HU.... restriction is from admin... restriction can be revoked ...however final decision is with Activity2004

  • If spammers are restricted with immediate effect . No problem.

    But when discussing certain topic, if things become hot and unruli, then no restriction without warning.

    Once restricted ,concerned person must be informed about his restriction .

    All restricted

    cases must be reviewed regularly and decision taken accordingly.

  • in that case...I think you can always send message to admin...and discuss the matter...

  • So there is no clear cut policy.

  • We're getting to that.

  • well patliputra nah...forming clear cut policy in such matters is impossible...

    So HU got HUMAN admins...

    or else they would have robots instead of humans...

    It is up to the judgement of admin... and final authority will be Activity2004

  • Joined now


    Was in some urgent sales priority

  • It's okay! Welcome. Would you like to say something?

  • welcome Shashikantiyengar nice to see you....

  • ofcoz work first Shashikantiyengar plz share your thoughts and suggestions plz...

  • No response.

  • hello patliputra no response for what???

  • Got now.

  • anything specific you have in mind patliputra ???

  • A company telecon was on

    An urgent one

    Anyways... No specific suggestion from my side

  • When you're ready, let us know.

  • We have to be a bit more active in FB also. I have not been on that page for sometime now

  • I've added some new postings for everyone to see. If there is anything you all want posted, let me know and I can click share or use the learn more buttons.

  • How do we encourage members to share success stories .. ...?

  • Give them some time.

  • it is really nice...if some one wants to share his story.... it will be inspiration for other members...

    You are one of them....who brought down Hba1c below 5

  • why not share your story Shashikantiyengar

  • cure

    Had done in Sept

    Maybe once i get retested in lab i will post again..

    But we need more members to share to motivate others & also new comers

  • yeah....very true...

    But really speaking if we see there are few active members in forum...

    many members are just readers... but don't know they are shy to share experiences...

    we need to overcome this issue...

  • We have to be patient. If the new members see that they are being asked to do something that they are not comfortable with, they may not stay. That wouldn't be okay.

  • Yes.personal attacks on fellow members by PM/or in reply should be taken seriously by administrators.This will help members to respond without fear of ridicule or belittling their opinions

  • Very good point, rvmasalvad. No one is allowed to personally attack other members and/or the Administrators. This is a definite banning reason.

  • I think we are all here to find a solution to diabetes control

    No point in attacking anyone

  • I second that!

  • members will feel safe with this assurance from you administrator

  • Thank you for saying this!

  • A very important and pertinent point. Past should not be repeated.

  • That's right. Things work better when everyone gets along with each other and works as a team.

  • yes...we assure you that such members will be restricted...

  • patliputra you are an old and senior member... you have seen fierce fights in forum...

    but since Activity2004 has taken over forum is very cool place to dwell....

    So be assured things will remain same here..

  • That's right, cure! Things are going to stay the way they have been since we've been Admin..

  • It's up to the person if they want their story posted on either site for our group.

  • Is it possible to have a section devoted to success story...?

  • On Facebook or HU?

  • HU

  • Can failure ( of certain plan ) can also be posted ?

  • Can you please explain, patliputra?

  • Nothing to explain. Failure of certain dietary system can also be shared, or that will be inappropriate .

  • It would be okay. Is there something you wanted posted on the subject?

  • Will think over it.

  • Meeting idea is good. Here can talk freely.

  • That's right.

  • why not patliputra ??? we should be very honest on sharing of success and failure both....

    this is forum for peer to peer support....

    Look at me...I do follow LCHF....big fan of @anup....

    but many times I do question him lot in forum....

    Trust me as true Indian....I always have faith in old indian saying It is said 'vade vade jayate tatvabodha.'Means discussion lead us to truth.

    So all fights/discussions which takes place here are very useful. Just we have to be swan.

  • Our group motto and policy is this: Everyone works together as a team and gets along with each other. This is what I want you guys to do. Makes things easier.

  • good motto /policy.i support.

    Hostile and authoritative reaction to pos/replies should not be encouraged including usage of rough language.A polite and helpful language even if there is difference of opinion should also be part of policy /motto

  • Thank you for suggesting this add-on.

  • Thank you.

  • You're welcome!

  • cure

    Ask questions, oppose with facts but don't insult with opinions. Saying this as I have been at the receiving end of such insults from a group of which now most have been evicted for good reasons.

    Any discussion which has the foundation based on trying to run down others here will never remain a discussion. Practical experience. Give suggestions, follow up with people who follow it and ask questions on tweaking. This is how I got 250 followers with barely 101 posts. Many even insulted those followers calling them fake. This is where the whole idea of forum collapses :)

  • Hi anup! Good to see you!

  • I was always here and watching people post :)

    Just had to add what I posted. Four plus years of being thru what I posted. But, congratulations to you and cure along with HU team for bringing some sanity to forum.

  • Thank you for saying that!

  • I am always thankful to your Anup Ji for your valuable advices/suggestions which l have recieved from you.In fact,you have helped many people in this forum with your fundamental to high level discussions.I like to discuss with you as you always follow a logical way.

  • किसी की कोई बात बुरी लगे तो,

    दो तरह से सोचे:

    1.यदि व्यक्ति महत्वपूर्ण है

    तो बात भूल जाए


    2.बात महत्वपूर्ण है तो,

    व्यक्ति को भूल जाए !

    Am I right,Admin?

  • Reg FB lets post some good articles so as to attract some traffic.

    I doubt many of us would like to share "D" in FB.. Incl me..

  • thats right Shashikantiyengar ...

  • Okay, now for the group motto/policy.

  • Groups working must be transparent. It will instill confidence in all the members. And many who don't participate in discussion will come forward. A decent and disciplined discussion.

  • Right! More friendlier than before.

  • Right

  • Is meeting over ?

  • Down with diabetes.

  • That's the goal!

  • Thank you every one Activity2004 Shashikantiyengar rvmasalvad patliputra

    I have to leave for some domestic duties...plz excuse me...

    Thank you very one for joining...

    With regards

  • It's okay, cure! Have a great rest of the evening.

  • If anyone wants to continue with the policy/motto, let us know. Otherwise, we can go to the suggestions, concerns, and ideas part of the meeting.

  • Does anyone have any questions?

  • Suggestions?

  • There is a late add-in. I'm now also the Admin. for Healthy Eating. I got the news on Wednesday afternoon. I'm not going anywhere. Just working 3 groups, now.

  • Anyone else have anything to say?

  • If there aren't any other comments, the next meeting will be next month same time (7:30 pm/10 am). Thank you all for coming. Enjoy the rest of the evening. Lunch time here.

  • I think you had better explain how one can "attend" a meeting. I had a look at the mail at about 20.30 CET+1 but saw nothing. Are we live on line together or what? You seem to assume that everybody knows what to do. As for the agenda, this is the first time I've set eyes on it. Sorry to be grumpy but........................................? I'll try to be around the next time you decide to have a get-together.

  • I will be sending you a message later today about the questions you have about the meeting. Look for it.

  • Please check your PMs. Just sent you a message.

  • The format works well as minutes/account of the meeting too. It's the first time I've seen this. I was at work from 12:00 yesterday, but found this a useful catch-up.

  • I'm planning to do another posting with the information and minutes. Still have to do the editing.

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